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2009 Report on the Work of the Government
updated on:2009-03-26 08:58

Fellow Deputies,
        On behalf of the provincial people’s government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also solicit comments and suggestions on the report from the members of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).  
        I. Review of the Work in 2008

        Last year is the first year of the term of this government and also an eventful year. Confronted with the increasingly deepening impact of international financial crisis and the complicated domestic situation with more major and difficult matters, people of the whole province actively responded to the severe challenges and withstood extraordinary tests. Under the correct leadership of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), we diligently followed the guiding principles set out at the 17th National People’s Congress and the 3rd plenary session of 17th Central Party Committee, held high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhered to the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of “Three Represents”, followed the Scientific Outlook on Development, and implemented the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. We freed up minds, developed innovative thinking, struggled in unity to overcome difficulties and make breakthroughs and effectively accomplished the annual goals and tasks set out at the 1st session of the 11th provincial people’s congress. Jiangsu’s GDP exceeded RMB 3 trillion, up by 12.5% over the previous year. Per capita GDP hit over 5700 USD. Fiscal revenue registered RMB 711 billion, among which general budgetary revenue hit RMB 273.1 billion, up by 27.2% and 22.1% respectively. Per capita disposable income of urban residents and net income of rural residents registered RMB 18,680 and RMB 7,357, up by 14.1% and 12.1% respectively. Urban consumer price rose by 5.4%, 0.5% lower than the national average. Ten tasks to improve people’s livelihood were accomplished as scheduled. Economy scored steady and more rapid development. Social programs advanced comprehensively. Society remained harmonious and stable. Solid progress was made in building the moderately prosperous society in an all-around way.

        1. Maintaining relatively fast economic growth
        Regulation on economic operation was timely and forceful. We strengthened the monitoring and analysis on economic situation and regulation on operation and intensified guarantee of factors and policies’ regulation to ensure the attainment of goal of economic and social development and accomplishment of strategic tasks of economic restructuring for the whole year. Facing severe situation of increasing pressure of economic sliding, we acted in responsive and active manner, involved multiple parties in the policy-making procedures and staged over 10 policy documents on expanding domestic demand, increasing fiscal and financial support, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting the healthy and steady development of foreign economy and trade and real estate market. Jiangsu’s economy maintained sound momentum of relatively fast development, stable price, optimized structure and improved quality.

        Policies of supporting enterprises were practical and effective. We energetically push forward the cooperation between enterprises and banks by organizing matching activities like “Hundred Billion Yuan loaned to Hundred Enterprises”. An additional RMB 431.1 billion was loaned last year, increasing by RMB 70.4 billion over the previous year. We actively forged the provincial credit guarantee system by investing RMB 1 billion in provincial credit re-guarantee company. We encouraged enterprises to directly raise fund in capital market.  Eleven more Jiangsu’s enterprises were listed in domestic and overseas exchange market and RMB 28.6 billion worth of bonds of each type were issued. We improved financial and taxation policies, established special guiding fund to support the development of Sci-tech SMEs and remarkably increased fund to guide the development of provincial foreign economy and trade. High and new technological enterprises were certified in accordance with the new standard and 1368 enterprises enjoyed the adjusted corporate income tax incentives. Enterprises’ burdens were practically lessened with 121 administrative charges and 2 government fund abandoned and RMB 3.9 billion charges reduced annually.  

        Driving force of investment and consumption was strengthened. Last year saw RMB 1.5 trillion worth of investment on social fixed assets, up by 22.7%. In the wake of the vital decision by the central committee to expand the domestic demand, Jiangsu’s fiancé allocated RMB 10 billion for investment. It was expected to realize RMB 300 billion of government investment and drive RMB 1.4 trillion worth of social investment by the end of this year. A batch of key infrastructure projects in transportation, water conservancy and environmental protection were steadily advanced. The construction of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Jiangsu Section, Nanjing Railway Southern Station, Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, Huai’an Civil Airport, Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing No.4 Yangtze River Bridge was launched. Lian Yungang Port has achieved an annual throughput of more than 100 million tons of cargoes. Sutong Bridge and Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang Expressway Jiangsu Section were opened to traffic. South-North Water Transfer East route Phase one Project, phase two project to divert water from Yihe River, Shuhe River and Sishui River to eastern and southern regions and Tongyu River Northward Extension Project are progressing smoothly. A number of major industrial projects such as Taizhou Pharmaceutical City Phase One Project are under smooth implementation. The total volume of the retail sales for social consumer goods hit RMB 966.1 billion, up by 23.3%. Consumption’s contribution rate to economic growth reached 45%.

        2. Making new headway in the transformation of economic development mode.

        Industrial structure was further optimized. The added value of service industry exceeded RMB 1 trillion. The sales revenue of software industry accounted for RMB 126.2 billion, up by 51.5%. The high and new technological industry yielded RMB 1840.2 billion of output value, up by 25.2% and taking up 28% of industries above the designated size. New energy, new material, new pharmaceuticals and other emerging industries have been growing fast with the industrial scale of solar PV and wind power equipment doubled. New progress was made in the intensive development in the industrial clusters along the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Yangtze River, Xuzhou-Lianyungang Railway and coastal area.

        Independent Innovation capacity was continuously enhanced. The investment in science and technology in the whole society exceeded RMB 100 billion, among which RMB 54 billion was in R&D and over 80% was investment by enterprises. Jiangsu is home to more than 20,000 private sci-tech enterprises with the contribution rate of 35% to the progress of the high and new technological industry. With the deepening cooperation between industries, universities and research institutes, 109 projects were implemented to commercialize the sci-tech achievements. Efforts were made to build sci-tech innovation carriers of various types. Over 234 more sci-tech platforms were built and 147 sci-tech incubators of various types were established. Totally 128,000 pieces of patent were applied for and 44,600 pieces of patent were authorized, up by 43.9% and 40.4% respectively. We endeavored to accelerate to forge the highland of talents and successfully attracted a number of domestic and overseas high level talents and innovation and entrepreneurial teams. 

        The strive for energy conservation and emission reduction was effective. Energy consumption per unit of GDP, COD and SO2 emission dropped by 4.6%, 4.48% and 7.2% respectively, meeting the targets set in the state annul plan for the emission reduction of main pollutants. With the completion of 1340 key emission reduction projects, we attained the goal of rearranging the small chemical industry one year ahead. Solid progress was made in the prevention and treatment of water pollution in Taihu Lake, Huaihe River, Yangtze River and other key river basins. We implemented the General Plan for the Comprehensive Treatment of Water Environment in Taihu Lake Basin. Thanks to the measures in water diversion, pollution source control, algae catching, dredging, reduction of seining area, ecological restoration and comprehensive treatment of inflow rivers, quality of water in Taihu basin was generally getting better than the previous year. Practical progress was made in the work on compensation for areas with environmental resources. Urban and rural living environment kept improving with urban daily handling capacity of sewage treatment facilities increasing by 1.165 million tons and 78 towns equipped with sewage treatment facilities. With the strong supervision on the protection of land resources, the land was more efficiently utilized. Forest coverage rose by 1% with 1.63 million mu of land planted with trees. Five cities have been appraised as national environmental friendly cities.

        3. Taking on sound momentum in coordinated development in urban and rural areas. 
        The development of socialist new countryside was sped up. By putting in place the policies to strengthen agriculture and benefit the rural population, for five consecutive years we have increased inputs to agriculture, the rural areas and farmers, produced more food, improved agricultural efficiency and income of farmers, and enhanced development of the countryside. We invested RMB 37.7 billion to agriculture, the rural areas and farmers, up by 60% over the previous year. In 2008, 31.75 billion kilograms of grain was produced, recording a new high for 9 years. Over 2.56 million mu more arable land was equipped with highly efficient machinery. We intensified technical trainings of rural labor force. An additional 5700 rural cooperative organizations and 2354 farmer service organization set up. The practice of operation of appropriate scale of land was advanced on in the orderly manner. The development of agricultural product market system, grain logistics system and chain operation network of agricultural means of production was accelerated. New five practical projects were developed smoothly. Rural production and living conditions were further improved. Urbanization and urban modernization level was steadily enhanced with 54.3% of urbanization rate.

        Regional development was more balanced. Taking the significant opportunity of economic integration in Yangtze River Delta and upgrading of provincial coastal development to the national strategy and coordinating with relevant state ministries and committees to compile Jiangsu Development Plan for Coastal Regions, we formulated provincial plan for main functional areas and general plan for land utilization. We worked out 10 policies and measures to support North Jiangsu’s development, staged guidance and relevant polices to rejuvenate Xuzhou, the old industrial base and vigorously promoted the industrial transfer from South to North and joint establishment of development zones. Thanks to these efforts, the growth rate of major economic indicators in North Jiangsu remained higher than the provincial average. We encouraged Central Jiangsu to energetically develop advantageous and featured industry and formed up new pattern of integrated regional development along the east coast and Yangtze River. We guided South Jiangsu to transform the development mode and pressed ahead industrial transformation and upgrading.

        4. Deeply pressing ahead reform and opening-up.

        Reforms in various fields were deepened. We focused on the reform of administrative management system and researched on the reform plan of the provincial government body. We adjusted financial and taxation distribution policy to improve the financial management system of province directly administering county. The local financial institutions boomed. Jiangsu Bank and Nanjing Bank stepped up to set up new outlets, Huatai Securities completed its shareholding system transformation and the establishment of Zking Property & Casualty Insurance Company was approved. New countryside financial organizations grew with 23 rural small loan companies established, 4 village and township banks operated and pilot program of agricultural insurance spread. The reform on SOEs was further deepened. China Jiangsu China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Corp, Jiangsu Construction Group and Jiangsu Complete Equipment Company completed the merging and reorganization.

        The development of export-oriented economy took the lead. The foreign trade volume hit USD 392.3 billion in 2008 and export registered USD 238 billion, up by 12.2% and 16.9% respectively. Share of exports with indigenous brands increased. International offshore outsourcing delivery rose threefold. Actually utilized foreign investment totaled USD 25.1 billion, up by 14.7%. Another 168 projects with the investment of over USD 90 million were attracted, up by 7.7%. The level of constructing development zones and special customs supervision zone kept improving. The construction of overseas economic and trade zone moved on smoothly. Wuxi Shuofang Airport, Xuzhou Guanyin Airport, Yanchang Nanyang Airport opened international flights. New progress was made in the cooperation between Jiangsu and Taiwan. Nanjing Lukou Airport was designated to be the first batch of airports to operate the direct chartered passenger flights across the Taiwan Strait and 12 river and sea ports including Taicang Port and Lianyungang Port were opened for cross-strait direct shipping.

        5. Remarkably improving people’s livelihood.

        New achievements were scored in improving employment and social security. More proactive policies were adopted to increase employment. As a result, more than 1.18 million urban residents got jobs in 2008 and the urban registered unemployment rate was limited at 3.25%. Over 95% of people had an access to basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance and rural cooperative medical care. The coverage rate of urban basic medical insurance exceeded 90%. The new type rural social old-age insurance was pressed ahead step by step. The standards of basic cost of living allowances for urban and rural residents were continuously increased. The system of providing temporary financial assistance to poor families was fully put in place. Around 3.369 million, 3.758 million and 3.957 million rural migrant workers participated in old-age insurance, medical insurance and work-related injury insurance respectively. We increased 13,100 units of low-rent apartments and launched the construction of 61,100 units of affordable housing. Over 50,000 families were provided with rent subsidies or real houses. Safe drinking water was supplied to 3.5 rural population. We launched poverty relief breakthrough projects, helping 1 million poor people with an annual income of lower than RMB 2500 shake off poverty.

        Development of social programs in education and health was intensified. Free compulsory education was popularized in both urban and rural areas. The standards of the financial aid to students of various schools and colleges were raised. The projects were lunched to improve the food and living conditions of countryside left-behind children and build qualified kindergartens in rural areas. We basically resolved the rural compulsory education debt and began to tackle the infrastructure construction debt in colleges and universities. The gross enrollment rate of higher education reached 38%. Vocational education was further strengthened. There was further improvement in the systems of public health care, medical service and drug supply in urban and rural areas. About 98% of areas were equipped with community health service center. New progress was made in the development of interest-oriented population and family planning mechanism and high quality service system. 

        New progress was made in culture programs. The public cultural service system was further improved. We opened first batch of 174 museums, public libraries, memorial halls and patriotic education bases free to the public, completed the construction of 116 village and township cultural stations, established 5500 countryside reading rooms and connected 1.435 million rural families with cable TV service. The reform of cultural system moved on in-depth and the strength of provincial cultural industrial groups was enhanced. We integrated municipal broadcasting & TV networks throughout the province and established Jiangsu Broadcasting Network Company. We intensified supervision on cultural market, further explore foreign cultural exchanges and paid more attention to the protection of cultural relics and non-material cultural heritage. We scored new achievements in the programs of radio, film and TV, press and publication and philosophical and social science. Nanjing, Suzhou and Nantong were appraised as the National Civilized City. Extensive exercise campaigns for the general public were launched and athletes from our province won the most gold medals in the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics

        Social administration was reinforced. Grassroots democracy was enlarged steadily and legal education was deeply advanced. Remarkable results were made in the construction of a safe Jiangsu and social stability was maintained. We achieved a great success in ensuring the Olympic torch relay to proceed peacefully within the border of Jiangsu. The supervision on food security and quality was tightened. The overall situation of safe production remained sound and the number of safety accidents dropped remarkably. Public complaints lodged via letters and visits were properly handled. Further improvement was made in the macro-mediation system addressing conflicts and macro-prevention system focusing on social security. The work on national defense mobilization and reserve forces was pushed ahead. Outstanding achievements were scored in civil air defense and the special care and replacement work. Preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs and joint activities by the army and the people was carried out in-depth. The work on ethnic minorities, religion, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, Taiwan affairs and counselor was strengthened. New progress was achieved in the work of women, children, youth, senior citizens, disabled people, Red Cross and charity.

        The past year witnessed the great efforts we made in organizing the disaster relief and reconstruction of earthquake-stricken areas and in prevailing over the catastrophic natural disasters such as the snow and ice storms in the south that the region has rarely seen before and maintained the normal order of production and life. In the wake of the devastating Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan province, we extensively mobilized the mass, urgently responded and committed the whole province’s resources to the earthquake rescue and relief operation. We accumulatively sent 12,900 rescue staff to the quake zone, organized the production of 306,000 tents, built 29,200 units of movable plank houses and donated RMB 4.3 billion. The post-disaster relief and reconstruction assistance to Mianzhu went on smoothly.

        Over the last year, we strengthened the self construction by taking the opportunity of deeply studying and practicing the concept on scientific development and achieved outstanding effect. Following the theme of “Promoting Scientific Development, Building a Wonderful Jiangsu”, we formulated and implemented 7 policy documents including accelerating the economic development mode and further confirmed the mechanism of guiding the work, interest and evaluation with scientific development. We improved the scientific and democratic decision-making mechanism and further made government affairs public. The government work became more transparent and public trust in government was further enhanced. We strove to build a law-based government, strictly performed duties, conscientiously subjected to the oversight and the conducts of government was more regulated and in the orderly manner. We committed to building the clean government, earnestly transform the carders’ work style, enhance the service efficiency and strengthen the building of the civil servant team. 

        While fully recognizing the achievement, we were clearly aware of the numerous difficulties and problems in Jiangsu’s economic and social development. Since last year, we faced severe challenges to maintain the steady and relatively fast economic development due to the gradually deepening impact of international financial crisis, remarkable slowdown of the world economic growth, weakened external demand and increased uncertainties of economic development. We were confronted with the increasing pressure of the decline of economic growth rate such as the continuous drop of industrial production and foreign trade, operating difficulties in some enterprises, severe employment situation and increased factors leading to the reduction in government revenue and the increase in government expenditures.

        Meanwhile, the conflicts in economic structure exist. The industrial structure remains irrational and technological level is relatively low. The advantages of science and education remain to be transformed into the advantages of innovation and competition. There are increasing difficulties in maintaining the steady development of agriculture and farmers’ sustained growth of income. Some low-income people live a difficult life. Social programs are underdeveloped compared with economic development. Public management is still weak. The transformation of government functions is incomplete. A small number of government employees, especially leading carders lack the awareness of potential dangers and the spirit of innovation. Some formalistic and bureaucratic still exist to the various degree. A tiny minority of officials even abuses their power for personal gains and commits corruption.
        We must be highly responsible to the country and people, maintain a high sense of mission and urgency, fully estimate difficulties, take into full consideration of measures, work even more industriously, earnestly address the outstanding conflicts and problems in economic and social development, try every means to minimize the unfavorable factors and tightly seized the initiative of development.

        Fellow deputies, the achievements of the last year have not come easily, which should be attributed to the great efforts of people of the whole province in strengthening conviction, pressing ahead resolutely, boldly meeting the difficulties and waging indomitable struggle. With the new achievements in economic and social development, we present a precious gift to 30th anniversary of the reform and opening-up. On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I would like to extend my highest tribute and heartfelt gratitude to all the people across the Province. My gratitude also goes to the deputies of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, members of CPPCC Jiangsu Branch, democratic parties, federations of commerce and industry, mass organizations, people from all walks of life, the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Jiangsu, the armed police forces, public security police,central ministries and committees and sister provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as well as to our compatriots in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, in Taiwan, overseas as well as foreign friends.

        II Overall Tasks in 2009

        The year 2009 is the most difficult year for Jiangsu’s economic development since the beginning of the new century as well as a year of great opportunities. The impact of the global financial crisis is getting worse. However, the general pattern that China is in an important period of strategic opportunities remains unchanged, and the fundamentals and long-term trend of Jiangsu’s economic development remain unchanged. The central government resolutely came up with policies and measures to expand domestic demand, giving powerful impetus and strong assurance for maintaining economic growth and boosting economic development. The external economic situation has experienced significant changes, which reversely provides a driving force for expanding domestic demand and adjusting the structure and creates favorable conditions for better utilizing foreign resources, technology and talents. After 30 years’development since the reform and opening-up, Jiangsu’s industrialization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization have been constantly intensified, its overall strengths and international competitiveness remarkably promoted and the market’s capacity to manage crises and withstand risks and its creative vigor notably improved. Years of experience tell us that the more serious the situation, the more adherent we should be to the strategic thought that development is the absolute principle. We should focus all our time and energy on development, increase all cadres’ confidence in development, enterprises’ confidence in investment and individuals’ confidence in consumption and strengthen people’s conviction and resolution in pushing forward the Two Leads. As long as we firmly rely on the masses, bring into full play the advantages and avoid the disadvantages, we will be able to turn challenges into opportunities and pressure into impetus, take the lead in dealing with the global financial crisis and promoting steady and rapid economic growth, and make better contribution to the national development.

        The overall tasks of the provincial government this year are to fully implement the spirit of the Party’s 17th National Congress and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee, follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, unswervingly advance the Two Leads, expand foreign and domestic demands to maintain steady and rapid economic growth, accelerate the transformation of the economic development pattern to enhance comprehensive competitiveness, strengthen the coordination in urban and rural areas to promote balanced development, deepen reform and opening-up to increase vitality and impetus, effectively improve people’s lives to maintain social harmony and stability and fully promote sound and rapid economic and social development. 

        We have set the following major targets for this year’s economic and social development: GDP will grow by 10%;the regional general budgetary revenue will increase by 10%;total investment in fixed assets will rise by 17%;total sales of consumer goods will go up by 16%;foreign trade volume will strive to gain growth;energy consumption per unit of GDP reduce by 4.6%; COD and SO2 emission decrease by 3% and 2.2% respectively; the per capita disposable income of urban residents will grow by 10%; the per capita net income of rural residents will increase by about 9%;the rise of CPI will be kept at around 4%;the registered unemployment rate of urban residents will be held under 4%;and the natural population growth rate will be less than 4‰. The above objectives take into consideration all the favorable and unfavorable conditions, fully meet the requirement for sustaining growth, help enhance confidence, expand urban and rural employment, increase people’s incomes and maintain social stability. The energy conservation goals are obligatory, which must be met. The development goals are guiding principles, which may be moderately modified subject to development and changes in the situation.

        To achieve the economic and social development goals of this year, we must concentrate on the following areas. First, expanding domestic demand and maintaining growth. We will steadfastly give top priority to development, make boosting domestic demand a basic point of departure for stimulating economic growth, strengthen the synergy effect of consumption, investment and export in driving economic growth, vigorously foster new areas of economic growth and maintain steady and rapid economic growth. Secondly, adjusting the structure and uplifting the level. Guided by the principle of seeking rapid development on the basis of sound development and achieving both sound and rapid development, we will focus on economic restructuring and independent innovation in the transformation of the development pattern in an effort to truly realize the double goals of maintaining growth and raising quality. Thirdly, reforming,innovating and injecting vitality. We will continue to take deepening reform and opening up as the fundamental driving force for promoting scientific development, solve difficult problems by means of reforming, deal with challenges by means of innovation and speed up the construction of a more open, more orderly, more efficient and more vigorous mechanism. Fourthly, improving people’s livelihood and promoting harmony. We will continue to ensure that maintaining and improving people’s wellbeing is the starting and end point of government’s work. We will strive to stabilize and boost employment, focus on increasing people’s incomes in urban and rural areas, promote development of social programs, actively accomplish tasks that people are expecting and effectively maintain social harmony and stability.

        III. Doing everything possible to maintain steady and rapid economic development

        We make maintaining steady and rapid economic development the top priority of this year’s work, earnestly expand foreign and domestic demand, accelerate the transformation of the development pattern, actively foster new growth areas so as to lay a solid foundation for more sustainable and higher-level development.

        1. Actively and effectively expanding domestic demand.

        We will earnestly follow a proactive fiscal policy and moderately easy monetary policy. VAT reforms and reforms in pricing, taxes and fees for refined petroleum products will be comprehensively instituted. Preferential policies for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech enterprises and promoting steady and healthy development of the real estate market will be fully implemented. We will adjust and optimize the structure of government expenditure and continue to increase investment in agriculture, rural areas and farmers and improve support in people’s lives, social programs, independent innovation, energy conservation and infrastructure. We will give full play to the active role of finance in maintaining growth and boosting development and ensure that growth rate of the provincial credit supply is significantly above the national average. We will encourage enterprises’ going public and refinancing, expand the issuing scales of bonds and positively develop venture capital. We will strengthen the cooperation between fiscal and taxation policies and financial policies and encourage enterprises to increase effective credit supply in the forms of fiscal interest discount, credit guarantee and risk compensation.

        We will vigorously boost consumption demand. We will adjust income distribution, work hard to increase the salary income, property income and operational income of urban and rural residents and improve their consumption capacity. Community-based business,property management, household services and other services consumption will be forcefully developed. Tourism and leisure, culture and recreation, sports and fitness and other consumption hotspots will be actively promoted. The Internet, animation and other new consumption will be further accelerated. The consumption of cars and other major commodities will be steadily enhanced. The consumption structure will be upgraded. We will open up rural market and better rural distribution network and service system. The project of encouraging retailers to open stores in more townships and villages will be implemented and the program of bringing home appliances to the countryside will be accelerated. We particularly need to promote steady and healthy development of real estate market. We will intensify the low-income housing project and improve the housing conditions for urban low-income residents. We will keep real estate investment stable, support ordinary commercial housing consumption, and encourage residents to purchase homes and make home improvements. We will reasonably adjust the supply structure of commercial housing and meet people’s multilevel housing demand.

        We will earnestly increase effective investment. We will give full play to the leading role of government investment, guide and drive non-governmental investment, channel investment to areas that most directly and effectively push economic growth and to industries that enjoy long industry chain with a view to laying a solid foundation for maintaining growth and boosting development. We will speed up a number of major infrastructure projects. The projects of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai-Nanjing, Nanjing-Hangzhou, Nanjing-Anqing inter-city railway network, subway, Yangtze River tunnels and expressways will be enhanced. The construction of Shanghai-Nantong railway, Coast railway and North Jiangsu railway will be promptly initiated. The construction of Lianyungang Port, Taicang Port, Yangkou Port and Dafeng Port will be accelerated. The earlier dredging work of Yangtze River deep-water navigation routes will be properly carried out. The construction of Lukou Airport Phase II and Huai’an Airport will be pushed forward and the preparational work of Jiangsu Airport in Middle Jiangsu will be accomplished. The first phase of the east line of South-North Water Diversion, the new Shuhe River realignment, the northward extension project of the Tongyu River will be forcefully advanced. We will promote a number of major industrial projects, focusing on the construction of industrial bases such as Nanjing software, Suzhou electronic information, Wuxi microelectronics, Taizhou biological medicine and Lianyungang new materials as well as the construction of the 3rd-generation mobile telecommunication network. We will push ahead with a number of major eco-environment projects, forcefully implementing Zoumatang dredging and expansion project and other water environment improvement and pollution treatment projects. We will strengthen the construction of sewage treatment, garbage disposal facilities and sewer networks and promote key energy conservation projects. We will strictly implement the system of project management and auditing and supervision, strive to increase economic and social benefits of investment, guard against low-level duplicated construction and eliminate image projects and vanity projects.

        We will lend more support to small and medium-sized enterprises. We will effectively resolve the difficulties of small and medium-sized businesses in getting financing, perfect the credit guarantee incentives and risk compensation methods for small and medium-sized businesses, guide financial institutions in expanding credit supply to small and medium-sized businesses and support normal production and operation of those businesses with good market prospects and profits. Special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises will be increased, administrative fees will be rescinded or suspended and burdens of small and medium-sized enterprises will be effectively alleviated. We will improve the system under which various sectors of society provide services for small and medium-sized enterprises. We will guide and support small and medium-sized enterprises to the direction of becoming specialized, accurate, extraordinary and up-to-date,promote coordinated development and form a batch of industrial clusters with distinct regional features and strong competitiveness.

        2. Accelerating the restructuring and upgrading of an open economy

        We will stabilize and expand exports. Policies and measures on export rebate and foreign trade development funds will be actively applied to enhance competitiveness of enterprises engaged in foreign trade. The transformation and restructuring of processing trade will be promoted. We will consolidate traditional market and open up new markets. We will raise the ratio of exports of products with independent brands, high-tech and high value-added products and accelerate the development of international services trade and service outsourcing. New and high-tech industries, advanced equipment and important strategic resources will be energetically introduced. Enterprises will be helped in tackling the frictions in international trade.

        We will improve the utilization of foreign capital. We will keep steady the size of foreign investment, adjust the structure of foreign investment and innovate ways of using foreign investment. We will focus on the introduction of leading and strategically important foreign investment projects and actively promote the relocation of high-end industry chain to our province, such as R&D, design, consultancy and marketing logistics in multi-nationals. Foreign investment will be directed more to Central Jiangsu, North Jiangsu and coastal areas as well as new and high-tech industries, energy conservation industries and modern services. 
        We will intensify the going-global efforts. The establishment of trade and cooperation zones and clusters in other countries will be promoted with a view to achieving economies of scale and economic benefits. We will give support to superior enterprises in participating in the exploration of overseas resources and acquiring foreign quality asset, R&D centers, famous brands and marketing networks. We will encourage and guide qualified enterprises to go listing abroad, participate in the restructuring of international assets and perform transnational operation. We will support international contracted projects and overseas labor services and strengthen the organization of going global.

        We will advance the innovation and development of development zones,vigorously guide the development zones in integrating resources, enhancing features, optimizing environment and improving the agglomerated and intensive development. The models of new and high-tech parks will be demonstrated, the construction of featured industrial parks and eco-industrial parks will be enhanced and the integrated development of special function zones will be advanced. Active assistance will be given to a number of province-level development zones in applying for state-level ones. We will support South-North joint establishment of development zones and integrated development across Yangtze River. We will take full advantage of the mail, transport and trade links between the two sides across the Taiwan straits, boost economic cooperation between Jiangsu and Taiwan and accelerate the construction of Jiangsu and Taiwan economic development promotion zone. We will deepen the economic cooperation with Europe, the US, Japan and Singapore and promote the construction of Singapore-Nanjing ecological technology city and the combined development across the Yangtze River between Suzhou industrial park and Nantong development zone.

        3. Vigorous pushing forward strategic economic restructuring

        We will stimulate industrial optimization and upgrading. We will boost the integrated development of informationalization and industrialization, increase the size of emerging industries, the strength of advantageous industries, the accuracy of traditional industries. We will quicken the pace in formulating suggestions on industrial optimization and upgrading, work out and implement guidelines on invigorating 11 industries, namely electronic information, equipment manufacturing, petro-chemistry, steel, shipbuilding, automobile, light industry, nonferrous metals, textile, new energy and biological medicine, and boost their restructuring and upgrading. Mergers and Acquisitions among enterprises are encouraged. Well-established enterprises are encouraged to work with each other and upstream and downstream enterprises are encouraged to integrate their operations. We will accelerate the cultivation of a batch of hundred-billion-yuan enterprises and trillion-yuan industries,bring into full play the supporting role of advantageous enterprises and industries in economic growth. The technological upgrading in enterprises will be advance and technological equipment improved. We will energetically develop modern services, focus on the construction of 90 modern services projects and 20 provincial services clusters. We will speed up the development of producer services, such as finance, information, logistics, creative industries, exhibition and commerce and actively develop consumer services for improving people’s lives. We will ensure that the proportion contributed by the added value of service industries among GDP will increase by 1 percentage point. We will expand domestic construction market and strive to achieve a total revenue of RMB 1 trillion.

        We will increase the capability in independent innovation. The dominant role of enterprises in independent innovation will be emphasized and the construction of enterprises’ R&D centers will be promoted. We will concentrate on fostering a batch of enterprise academician workstations, post doctoral workstations, post graduate workstations and engineering technology centers. We will support enterprises’ breakthroughs in key technologies and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and enhance core competitiveness. Enterprises will be encouraged to introduce internationally advanced technology and improve their ability in the digestion, absorption and re-innovation. The leading role of institutions of higher learning and research institutes will be fully played in guiding scientific and technological innovation and more scientists and engineers will be encouraged to work on the frontlines of economic development. We will promote closer cooperation among industries, universities and research institutions,quicken the development and innovation of pioneer parks, university science parks, pioneer parks for returned overseas personnel and scientific business incubators and boost the construction of a number of international cooperation bases for scientific and technological innovation in Changzhou. We will boost IPR creation, application, protection and management, nurture more independent IPR and self-owned brands and promote the priority purchase and order of self-initiated innovative products by the government. We will further implement the strategy of rejuvenating the Province with talents development, strengthen the fostering of talents in innovation and entrepreneurship and seize the favorable opportunity to introduce more and better high-level personnel who are urgently needed, particularly leading and technical teams.

        We will coordinate regional development on a higher level. We will focus on the economic integration in the Yangtze River Delta, perfect the cooperative mechanism with Shanghai and Zhejiang, bring closer the connection among major infrastructure, industry, market, innovation system, ecology and environmental protection, fasten the building of one-hour metropolis circle among Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, and promote Jiangsu’s urbanization and modernization in urban areas. Guided by the national strategic plans, we will forcefully implement a new round of coastal development strategy, attract more foreign investment, coordinate the integrated development of ports, industries and towns in Liangyungang, Yancheng and Nantong and nurture new growth areas. We will implement all policies in rejuvenating North Jiangsu, speed up the rejuvenation of Xuzhou old industrial base, positively support Suqian in achieving faster progress and accelerate the construction of Huai’an as the key central city in North Jiangsu. We will boost Central Jiangsu’s development across Yangtze River and integrated regional development along the east coast and Yangtze River and enhance the effects of industry agglomeration. We will guide South Jiangsu in fastening its economic restructuring, industrial upgrading and institutional innovation with a view to promoting its international competitiveness and capacity to withstand risks. We will support the development of old revolutionary base areas in Maoshan and Huangqiao. We will actively assist Mianzhu of Sichuan province in their post-disaster reconstruction and accomplish our tasks by guaranteeing both quality and quantity. We will voluntarily participate in the large-scale development of the western region, the energizing development of the central region and the reinvigorating of the old industrial bases in Northeast China and effectively assist the development of Tibet and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

        4. We will promote rural reforms by focusing on increasing farmers’ incomes

        We will strive to increase rural incomes. Direct subsidies to grain producers, subsidies for the use of superior seed varieties, subsidies for purchasing agricultural supplies and general subsidies for agricultural production supplies will increase. Awards and subsidies to major grain-producing counties and oilseeds-producing counties will grow. We will stabilize prices for agricultural supplies, maintain reasonable prices for agricultural products and ensure that farmers’ profits and benefits are guaranteed. We will promote the combination of  on-the-spot transfer, outward transfer of surplus labor force and independent start-ups. We will boost farmers’ employment and start-ups and encourage enterprises in rural areas to employ local farmers.

        We will accelerate the development of modern high-efficiency agriculture. We should adhere to and perfect the Chief Executive Accountability system at provincial, municipal and county levels for “rice bags” (grain supply) , maintain the stability of grain production, promote agricultural restructuring, enhance agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ incomes. Great efforts will be made in the rice cultivation with a total area of 2 million hectares. The areas for high efficiency agriculture and high efficiency fishery increase by 160,000 hectares and 40,000 hectares respectively, among which the area for installment agriculture amounting to 53,333 hectares. We will promote industrialized operation in agriculture, work actively yet prudently promote farming operations with moderate size and intensify the building of modern agricultural demonstration zones, grain logistics parks and agricultural products processing centers. We will make greater efforts in the promotion of farm products, perfect the distribution system and ensure the market supply of main farm products. We will uplift the scientific and technological level of agriculture and strengthen the construction of agricultural sci-tech innovation system, agricultural technology promotion system and farmers’ training system. We will concentrate on projects of new crop varieties, new technology and new mode. Great importance will be attached to the quality and safety of agricultural products and county-level inspection and testing centers for agricultural products will be built.

        We will expand investment in rural public infrastructure. The government will significantly increase the investment in rural infrastructure and social programs, the funding for rural public facilities in Central Jiangsu and other economically weak areas and the proportion used on agriculture from the proceeds of the transfer of land-use rights. The newly added income from the increase of taxes on the use of farmland will all be devoted to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. We will encourage and guide social investment to agriculture and rural areas. We will improve agricultural infrastructure in cropland and water conservancy, reinforce dangerous reservoirs, renovate large and medium-sized irrigated areas and intensify agricultural comprehensive development. We will strengthen the ability in preventing and controlling animal epidemics. A new round of Six Practical Projects will be implemented to better rural public service.
        We will deepen rural reforms. We will earnestly push forward urban-rural integrated development, stabilize and improve the basic rural operation system, promote various forms of the transfer of contracted land use rights and proactively build rural land transfer markets in counties and towns. We will standardize and innovate rural land management system, deepen the reform in the use of rural collective construction land, energetically promote the interaction between the increase of urban construction land and decrease of rural residential area and implement the pilot project to develop Tens-of-Thousands-Hectare Fertile Farmland. We will enhance support in nurturing diversified farmers’ new-type cooperatives, accelerate reforms in town and township government departments, perfect agricultural public service agencies at the local level and speed up the construction of village-level comprehensive service centers. We will deepen the reform of tenure in collective forests and the system of managing state-owned farms.

        5. Earnestly strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection.

        We will tackle difficult tasks in conserving energy and reducing emission. We will exert our efforts in industrial restructuring, technological upgrading and management innovation. We will push forward energy conservation in key industries and enterprises, focusing on renovation projects of energy conservation in three areas of industry, transportation and construction. We will promote energy conservation of public institutions by efficiently reducing energy consumption, water consumption and material consumption. The second batch of provincial pilot projects of circular economy will be launched. We will carry out 500 renovation projects of high-level clean production and set up a number of zero-emission enterprises. We will strengthen our efforts on the environmental control of the coastal chemical and industrial parks and press ahead to formulate a comprehensive control and renovation program of main rivers that flow into the sea. We will strengthen the projects environmental assessment management so as to prevent the pollution emission from the source. We will establish the bulletin system listing the enterprises phased out for backward productivity, implement policies of differentiated electricity price and consumption tax on energy saving and environmentally friendly cars which reversely pressure those products with heavy energy consumption and pollution to withdraw from the market. Policies and measures of all environmental prices will be improved and put in place. We will vigorously advocate the resource-conserving mode of production, consumption pattern and living habits.

        We will strengthen environmental protection and ecological construction. We will intensify our efforts on comprehensively treating the water environment of Taihu Lake reaches, push forward the construction of key projects of Taihu Lake treatment, upgrade and reform enterprises and implement environmental resources compensation policy to ensure the improvement of water quality of Taihu Lake. We will strengthen the comprehensive regulation on the tributaries entering the Yangtze River and try to start all the projects of pollution treatment in Huaihe River Basin and ensure over half of accomplishment. We will increase more than 1 million tons of daily sewage treatment capacity in urban area and realize 100% coverage of air automatic monitoring system in cities above the county level. We will continue to carry out the rural river course dredging engineering, strictly control the agricultural non-point source pollution by reducing agricultural chemical usage, actively promoting the comprehensive utilization of straw and manure of the scale bred livestock and advancing the treatment of rural living garbage and sewage and the renovation of latrines in countryside. We will plant 1.5 million mu of trees and increase 1% of forest coverage rate. We will strengthen environmental protection of ocean, lake and wetland and advance ecological restoration of coastal tidal land, dilapidated hills and deserted mines. We will enhance the capacity of disaster prevention and reduction and responding to the climate change.

        We will improve the level of intensive land use. We will diligently carry out a new round of compiling work on the general plan for the land use. We will implement the strictest arable land protection system and the land conservation system in accordance with the law, strictly control the scale of new land for construction purposes and resolutely prohibit and severely penalize illegal land use. We will actively use the available land, increase the proportion of land supply secured for key projects in the project land use plan and concentrate the industrial land supply in the development zones and key industrial clusters.

        6. Further deepening the reform in key areas and links.

        We will put forward the reform of administrative management system. A new round of reform of government organs will be steadily carried out and the reform of public institutions will continue to be deepened. We will further empower county-level cities to inject energy into the economic development in county regions. We will strengthen the follow-up supervision on the abolished approval items and continue to adjust and called off a number of approval items. We will support and encourage places with favorable conditions to pioneer to carry out integrated pilot reforms.
        We will speed up the fiscal, taxation and financial reform. We will actively promote the reform of budget system. We will further implement the new fiscal and taxation distribution system, establish county-level basic financial security mechanism, straighten out the county and township financial management system and implement the performance evaluation system of the use of fiscal funds. We will speed up the development pace of local banks, securities and insurance institutions and encourage and attract more foreign financial institutions settle in Jiangsu. We will advance the rural financial reform and development. We will establish 30 more rural small loan companies to ensure the full coverage of small loan companies in county-level cities. We will strive to set up rural banks in 1/3 counties or county-level cities and expand the range of effective collateral in rural areas. We will establish a sound government investment management system and fully implement the agent construction system.

        We will enhance the vitality of state-owned and private economy. We will promote the property right system, operation mechanism and management innovation of state-owned enterprises through improving the risk prevention and internal control mechanism, speeding up reform and restructuring paces of province-owned enterprises so as to enhance the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises. We will create a fair and competitive market environment through widening market access and expanding investment areas. We will vigorously support private enterprises to participate in the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises to further enhance the vitality of private economic development.

        IV Striving to promote the development of social program with emphasis on improving people’s wellbeing.

        Centering on the most practical problems of the greatest and most direct concern to the people, we will strive to secure and improve the people’s wellbeing and strengthen the social development and management so as to promote the social harmony and stability.

        1. Earnestly ensuring and improving the people’s Wellbeing

        We will vigorously stabilize and promote employment. We will fully display the active role of expanding domestic demand and increasing employment. We will intensify aids to stimulate employment and reemployment, create more public-service jobs and striving to create an additional 850 thousand urban jobs this year. We will implement the policy of encouraging enterprises to increase their jobs, appropriately reduce their payment of unemployment insurance and other social insurance expense on the timely basis, moderately expand the payment scope of unemployment insurance fund and support the enterprises to stabilize the existing jobs. We will guide the enterprises to carry out wage schemes through collective negotiations and develop harmonious labor relations. We will strive to facilitate the employment of university graduates and actively implement policies to encourage university graduates to take jobs at the community level. We will improve the public employment service system to strengthen the training on retired soldiers, laid-off workers, returned rural migrant workers and university graduates. We will encourage individuals to start their own business or find jobs on their own. We will fuel employment with business startup.

        We will further improve the urban and rural social security system. We will increase the investment in social security, stabilize and expand the coverage of basic old-age insurance among enterprise workers and basic medical insurance for urban workers and residents. We will launch and practically carry out the pilot projects to fully fund personal accounts for old-age insurance and speed up the planning at the provincial level, continue to increase the basic pension for enterprise retirees and earnestly and conscientiously implement the practice of transferring the social security accounts for workers moving from one region to anther within the province. We will improve the system of unemployment insurance and promptly distribute cost of living allowances for the new laid-off workers and retirees from the shutdown or bankrupted enterprises. We will pay close attention to the basic livelihood of farmers whose land was expropriated to ensure they are entitled to social security as soon as their land is expropriated and gradually improve their income. We will increase the coverage of workers’ compensation, medical insurance and old-age insurance among rural migrant workers. We will improve the mechanism to raise the standard of basic cost of living allowances and implement the financial supporting policy for the childless and infirm rural residents who receive subsidies for food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses. We will improve social assistance system and vigorously develop the social welfare, old age, charity and disabled undertakings. 
        We will focus our efforts on the following 10 practical aspects to improve the people’s wellbeing. First, we will help people in difficulties to get jobs. We will realize 250 thousand laid-off people to be reemployed and ensure the urban zero-employment families to be dynamic zero. Second, we will speed up the construction of low-income housing. We will increase 12 thousand units of low-rent housing, launch the construction of 50 thousand units of affordable housing, renovate over 5.5 million square meters of dilapidated houses and develop public rental housing. Third, we will further raise the level of subsistence allowances in both urban and rural areas. All entitled poor people will be ensured the subsistence allowances. Each person’s subsistence allowances will be increased to above RMB 170 and RMB 130 per month in the rural areas of Central Jiangsu and North Jiangsu. Four, we will raise the old-age care and service level. New countryside social old-age insurance system will be fully implemented and different kinds of old-age care services will be pushed forward. The provincial old age apartments will be established and one model old-age care institution will be built in 80% counties (city, district). A group of social old-age care institutions will be financially supported, 2000 community home stay old-age service centers will be set up and 10 thousand more beds will be added in old-age homes in rural areas. Fifth, we will further improve the service system for the disabled people. County-level disabled rehabilitation centers will all be built up and 50 more model disabled fostering institutions will be set up. We will provide the insurance allowances to disabled people in special difficulties and care allowances to disabled people who are unable to care for themselves. We will purchase 2000 public-service posts for the disabled people. Six, we will improve the standard of financial support per student in all kinds of schools at all levels. The benchmark standard for primary schools and middle schools will be respectively increased to 350 RMB and 550 RMB, for senior high schools will be increased appropriately and for colleges and universities will be increased 200 RMB more than last year. Seven, we will strengthen the capacity construction of health institutions at the community level. The construction of infrastructural facilities of 300 township clinics and 80 community health service centers in economically undeveloped areas will be financially supported. 3000 village clinics in economically undeveloped areas will be facilitated with necessary equipments and medical talents will be cultivated free of charge for rural areas. Eight, we will strengthen our efforts on cultural development benefiting the people. The activities of popularizing the science, culture and law knowledge in rural areas will be carried out. The primary cultural construction will be strengthened with above 3000 more rural book houses established and 750 thousand more rural residents subscribed to cable television network. Ninth, we will further solve the transportation and drinking water safety problems in rural areas. 5000 kilometers highways will be constructed and 1600 highway bridges will be renovated in rural areas. The safety problem of 4.5 million rural residents’ drinking water will be solved. Tenth, we will continue to promote the anti-poverty program. We will ensure 1 million impoverished rural residents to be lifted out of poverty.

        2.Accelerating the development of social programs

        We will insist on giving priority to the development of education by formulating the medium and long term development plan of education reform, deepening the education reform, increasing the teaching quality in all kinds of schools, colleges, and universities, and accelerating the modernization of education. We will strengthen to stimulate the balance of development in basic education, implement the quality education in an all round way, and reduce the homework burden on students. We need to solidify and popularize the achievements in senior high school education, focus on preschool education, and concern the special education. We will guide and support to enrich higher education, enhance the constructions of key discipline, key laboratory, and teaching experiment and practice base, promote the debt reduce of capital construction in colleges and universities affiliated to the province and strictly control new debt. We will strengthen the development of vocational education by constructing a dozen of vocational education colleges in national high level. We will support the healthy development of non-government funded education. We will continues to better the work on subsidize the students whose family have financial difficulties, accelerate the implementation on the policy of free of charge of secondary vocational education in rural areas, improve the accommodation condition in the boarding schools, and solve the difficulties in education and living of left behind children in rural areas. We will increase the development of teachers, and implementation the national policies and regulations, to improve the treatment of teachers.

        We will promote the development on reform of medicine and health work by promoting the system reform of medicine and health work in positive and sound way, increasing the security level of the new rural cooperative medical step by step, strengthening the system construction of basic health services in urban and rural areas, promoting the equalization of basic public health services, building the basic medicine system, and starting the experimental reform of public hospital. We will enhance the level of public health services fund per capita, and expend the range of public health services in free of charge. We will strengthen the support of health services on the people who in difficulties. We will deepen promoting the compulsory reform of basic health units, enhance the investment of government and better the compensation mechanism, carry out the sales of medicine without profits step by step, and compensate the working cost of basic health units by service charge and governmental subsidy. We will intensify the health services and medical supervision, to ensure the basic medicine and medical safety to the people. We will give support to the Chinese traditional medicine work, and promote the common development on both of Chinese traditional medicine and modern western medicine. We will strengthen the construction of medical ethics to build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. We will better the population and birth control work, keep the birth rate in a low level and improve the quality of new born baby to promote the superior service system of rural and urban areas in a complete coverage.

        We will speed up the construction of power the province by culture. We will strengthen the construction of thoughts and morals, deepen the construction of spiritual civilization of people, and carry forward the national spirit and the spirit of the time to promoting the continuously improvement of people quality and social civilization. Center on the celebration on the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, we will create a dozen of good works, and organize the important activities of culture and arts. We will put a further step on perfection of public cultural service system which cover the urban and rural areas, and strengthen the service and administration of public cultural facilities which open in free of charge. We will put forward on the building of important cultural constructions, namely New Gallery of Provincial Art Gallery, New Building of Provincial Archive, Second Phase of Nanjing Museum, and Jiangsu Grand Theatre. We will speed up the progress of digitalization in radio, television, press, and publishing, and develop the new media and internet culture. We will enhance the development of culture industry, invent the culture industry, enlarge and power the provincial culture industry group, and accelerate the construction of a dozen of aggregation area on culture industry. We will strengthen the construction and administration of cultural market, better the protection of cultural heritage, and widely popularize the science education. We will prepare the 11th National Games and the 16th Asia Games, and promote a harmonious development between competitive sports and mass sports.

        2. Earnestly maintaining harmony and stability of the society.
        We will perfect the democratic autonomy at the grass-roots level, deepen promoting transparency of administrative affairs, village affairs, and factory affairs, to protect the people’s right to know, participate, express, and supervise. We will promote to construct the harmonious community, and give the play of all kinds of social organizations according to the law. We will give more publicity and education to the legal system to better the work of legal services and legal aid, and accelerate the construction of social credit system to format a friendly environment of honesty of people and keeping promise of company. We will carry out the year of quality and safety to readjust and standardize the market order, and strengthen the supervising the safety of food and medicine to be strictly on guard against the sub-quality products into the market. With comprehension of the administration, investment, and construction of system, we will enhance the adjustment and regulation of safety in production to firmly control the great accidents. We will deepen the construction of Safe Jiangsu, and enhance the system of intercession, protection and basic infrastructure, and put a further step of perfecting the receive and visit of leader’s investigation to the grass root level, to solve and handle the social contradictions, correct the important problems which harm public interests, and make the problems to prevent at first, solve early, and handle when small. We will perfect social emergency response system to effective prevent and proper dispose the mass disturbances caused by stop production of enterprise, land acquisition and remove, project arrears, land disputes in rural area, and issues relate to law and litigation. We will enhance the comprehensive treatment of social security, fight against crime according to the law, and strengthen the sense of security of the people. We will support the construction of people’s army and armed police who are stationed in Jiangsu, put a further step to strengthen the work of national defense education, mobilization for national defense, construction of reserve forces for national defense, and civil air defense, promote activities of Double Support, and implement the policy of emplacement for special and care people.

        V. Put a further step to enhance government self-development

        Completing all the works of the year is an important test for the administration ability of the government. We will fit the new demand of situation and conform to the new wish of the people, and enhance government self-development and innovation of administration to a better service for the development, the grass root level, and the people.

        We will proceed with confidence and forge ahead with determination. From the whole and strategic height, we will recognize the importance and urgency of keeping fast yet steady economic growth, and combine the thought and action to scientific judgments and decisions by the CPC central and provincial committees to ensure the action coordinate with thought and idea. We will emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, and keep pace with the times, to maintain the uplifting and promising state of mind. We will combine implementing the spirits of the CPC central committee and taking the advantages of local place, and combine the positivity of promoting development and the attitude of scientific truth-seeking. We will dare to grasp the nettle, good at capture opportunities, and adhere to the classification guidance, to improve the governmental working ability in the complex situation and open conditions.

        We will change the function for optimizing the service. We will strengthen economic adjustment and market supervision, and pay more attention on implementing the function of social administration and public services. We will continue to promote the separation of enterprise, institution, and intermediary from administration, and work hard to provide a friendly developing environment and public services for the market. We will continue to deepen the reform on the system of administrative examinations and approval, and do a better work on power decentralization, abrogation the fee, and simplification of examinations and approval. We will better the cooperation mechanism between different departments, regulate and optimize the procedures, and carry out the performance evaluation to continuously improve the working performance.

        We will subject the action to supervision and abide by the law. We will strictly exercise power and carry out the duties according to legal authority and procedures, subject the action to supervision by people’s congress and its standing committee and also by political consultative conference. We will hear the opinions of other democratic parties, federations, and independents people, give the play of trade unions, the communist youth league, the women's federations and other people organizations in the construction of building a harmonious society, and subject the action to supervision by the public and social opinion. We will perfect scientific and democratic decision-making mechanism, insist on group decision for important issues, and put a further step to make sound system on democratic centralism, expert consultation, society and public hearings, decision evaluation, and legitimacy and review. We will deepen transparency of administrative affairs, perfect the system of information transparency and news release, and put forward transparency in the internet of the administrative power action. We will perfect system and procedures of administrative law enforcement, and the system of administrative review, administrative compensation and subsidization, to improve the governmental administration according to the law in an all round way. We will perfect the system of administrative accountability and power the accountability.
We will improve the style of work and implementation, insist on finding reality and working hard, seek the truth, tell the truth, does the practical work, and make effective result, and overcome bureaucracy and formalism. We will penetrate into the reality, the grass root level, and the people, carry out the investigation and research, modestly ask the people the governmental administration, the need, and the plan, to attempt to let the aim of development, the plan of work, and policies and measures fit the truth and the hope of the people. We will perfect the working mechanism of implementation, ensure the responsibility, and make the joint effort, to make sure the implementation of all policies and measures, and the effect of the important parts and key issues.

        We will work hard, live plain, and govern clean. We will remember Two Must and adhere to diligent and thrifty, simplify the conferences and documents, control the appraisal, ceremony, and other activities, and stop extravagance and waste. We will control general financial expenditure, and implement zero growth of expenses in buying and using administrative vehicles, reception of conference and administration, and going aboard. We will deepen the special projects to unhealthy tendency on harming the people’s interests, and investigate and prosecute all types of cases which bread the law and the regulations. We will insist on clean governance and strictly administration, strengthen the team construction of public functionary, and keep the confidence to the people by the favorable figure of practice and clean, to unite and lead all people in the province to fight against difficulties, and create new success of economic and social development.

        Fellow deputies, achieving the work of this year is a great responsibility and glorious mission. Let us unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, guide with Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, and under the leader of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, we should emancipate our minds, work hard with a pioneering and innovative spirit, work in a down-to-earth manner, and overcome the present difficulties, to promote the good yet fast development of economy and society and commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with great achievements.


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