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2008 Report on the Work of the Government
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Fellow Deputies,

        On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government in the past five years and suggestions on the work in the next five years and this year in particular for your deliberation and approval. I also invite the members of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to submit comments and suggestions.


        Review of Work in the past five years

        The past five years since the first Session of the eleventh Provincial People’s Congress of Jiangsu is a truly extraordinary period of time. Under the leadership of the central committee, the State Council and CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee we take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as our guide, thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, center around the targets of accelerating the process of making the people rich and the Province strong and the “Two Leads”, namely, taking the lead in building up a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and achieving basic modernization. We adhere to the path of leading, scientific and harmonious development, conscientiously implement the policies of prioritizing making people rich, science and education, environmental protection and energy conservation, adopt he five strategies of reinvigorating the province by relying on science and education, economic internationalization, urbanization, regional common development and sustainable development, balance the development of economy, politics, culture and society and complete the target set in the tenth five year plan, successfully implement the eleventh five year plan and achieve the target set for the government during its term in an all-round way. Last year the provincial GDP exceeded RMB 2.5 trillion; double that of 2002, an average annual increase of 14.5%. The per capita GDP hit USD 4,428, up 91.5% from that at the end of the 9th Five-Year Plan. The total fiscal revenue hit RMB 559.13 billion, including the local general budgetary revenue hitting RMB 223.77 billion, up 2.8 times and 2.5 times, respectively. Notable achievements have been made in building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects. Jiangsu is standing at a new starting point and entering a new stage in the course of development.


        In the past five years, we adhered to the path of new industrialization, strived to improve the capacity of independent innovation, made efforts to conserve energy and reduce emissions, gave priority to the development of advance manufacturing industry and modern service industry and made strides in economic restructuring and transformation of economic growth pattern.


        We optimized and upgraded the industrial structure. We laid equal emphasis on advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry and prioritized the development of industries featuring high-tech, high efficiency, low consumption and low emissions. Last year the output value high-tech industry hit RMB 1.46 trillion; quadruple that at the end of the 9th Five-Year Plan, up from 18.2% to 27% of the large scale industry. The pillar industry including electronic information, equipment manufacturing and petrochemical played a greater role in supporting and stimulating the economic development. The emerging industries including new energy, new medicine and new material have become the new growth areas. The traditional industries including textile and apparel, metallurgy, light industry and building materials have picked up the pace of transformation and upgrading. The value added of service industry account for 37.3% of the GDP, the growth rate higher than that of GDP. The development level of traditional service industry such as commerce and trade and tourism is further enhanced. Emerging service industry such as finance, logistics, information service and conference and exhibition picks up the pace of development. Software industry and service outsourcing industry grows fast. The sales revenue of software industry hit RMB 83.2 billion, 14% of the national total. Enterprises with a turnover of over RMB 10 billion that promote elements to gather in competitive industries and enterprises and improve the intensive development level increased from 13 to 83. We accelerated the phasing out of backward production capacity and closed down 2,713 small chemical plants featuring high consumption and high pollution. We adjusted and optimized the industrial layout and pushed forward the development of industrial belt along the Yangtze river, east Longhai railway line and the coast while further improving the high-tech industrial belt along Shanghai-Nanjing high speed railway line and created the development pattern of integrated development of North Jiangsu and South Jiangsu and interactive development of the four industrial belts.     


        We improved investment and consumption structure. We strive to adjust the relationship of investment and consumption and actively expand consumption demand. The average annual growth rate of the total retail sales of social consumer goods stood at 16.5%. Consumption has become a greater driving force of economic growth. We encouraged the growth of some sectors while discouraging the expansion of others, provided classified instruction and fueled the upgrading of industrial structure through the optimized investment structure. The input in high-tech industry, service industry and rural area, farmers and agriculture and environmental protection is increased while the input in industries featuring high consumption and high emissions dropped dramatically. A number of major industrial projects characterized by high technology content, huge investment and stimulating the growth of local economy were launched. For example, Nanjing BYC ethane and a series of products, large scale integrated circuit developed by Wuxi Hynix and Suzhou Hejian, Wuxi Suntech power, Kunshan Nanya electronic base material and device and Yancheng Dongfeng Yueda KIA were successfully put into operation. We reinforced the infrastructure building and completed a number of projects of great influence on and supporting role in the development of Jiangsu. The power installation capacity reached 56 thousand megawatts. Clean energies such as nuclear energy and wind power developed fast. Mileage of railways increased from 752 kilometers to 1,606 kilometers and Mileage of expressways increased from 1,704 kilometers to 3,558 kilometers, taking the lead in networking of open transport nationwide. The expansion of Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and the first phase of expressways including the along the coast, Yancheng-Xuzhou, along the Yangtze River, Nanjing-Huaian and Nanjing-hangzhou expressways were completed and open to traffic. A number of major projects including the first phase of Tianan nuclear plant, Nanjing-Qidong Railway, Nanjing subway line 1, Nanjing new train station, Runyang Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge 3 and renovation of South Jiangsu Shuofang Airport were completed and put into operation. Sutong Bridge will soon be open to traffic and Deep-water navigation routes with a capacity of 150,000 tons were basically completed in Lianyungang. 10 thousand DWT berths reached 286 and the handling capacity of the port reached 1.05 billion tons, 1.2 times and 1.4 times that of 2002 respectively. The project of the first phase of estuary of Huai River is completed and the project of the first phase of the east line of water diversion from South to North and the new-round of Huai River rehabilitation and standardized sea dyke progressed smoothly.


        We Intensified efforts to innovate in science and technology. We vigorously advanced the building of an innovative province and technological progress contributed 49% to economic growth. The input in science and technology research and development hit RMB 141.8 billion for cumulative five years, up from 1% to 1.7% of the provincial GDP. We established special fund for transferring research results and implemented 300 major projects leading and driving the economic growth. Substantial progress was made in the collaboration among enterprises, universities and research institutes in that Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information Industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and famous universities entered into overall cooperative relationship in science and technology. Enterprises improved their capacity of innovation and private high-tech companies developed fast. There are 5,286 high-tech companies in Jiangsu, including 629 national key high-tech companies. A number of enterprises with core technology and popular brand names grow rapidly. We strengthened technology infrastructure building. There are over 2,000 additional research institutes of various kinds, totaling approximately 4,000. Patent application and licensing increased dramatically. High-tech zone and various high-tech entrepreneurial parks flourished. We made notable achievements in talent high ground building by means of implementing the strategy of attracting high-caliber entrepreneurial and innovative talents, “333” high-caliber talents cultivation project, six talent summit action plan and training program for a thousand talents in Hong Kong. Talents play an even greater role in supporting the social and economic development.


        We advanced energy conservation and emission reduction. We focus on the energy conservation and consumption reduction in key areas, key industry and key companies. The discharge of major pollutants dropped. Last year, Energy consumption per unit of GDP met the set target. COD and SO2 emission was reduced by 4.87% and 7.94% compared with the year before last. The yearly emission reduction plan of major pollutants was fully fulfilled. We adopted the strictest land regulation system, advanced the effective an intensive utilization of land, guided industry to gather in parks, population to urban areas and residence to communities. The investment scale and output benefit of construction land was further increased.


        In the past five years, we took farmers, rural areas and agriculture as the primary task of the big picture and increased support to North Jiangsu. We accelerated the development of social programs, strengthened protection of ecological environment and made the development more coordinated and sustainable.


        The balanced development in urban and rural areas showed a good momentum. We steadily pressed ahead with the socialist new countryside building and maintained the good momentum of increase in grain yield, agricultural efficiency, farmers’ income. We steadily carry out comprehensive reform of rural areas with the focus on reform of taxes and administrative charges, intensify support for farmers, agriculture and rural areas and introduced a string of supporting and preferential policies with the policies of “exemption of agricultural taxes, subsidies for grain, crop strain, agricultural machinery and tools and comprehensive direct subsidies” as the main content. Since 2005 the agricultural taxes and agricultural and forestry specialty taxes were exempted. As a result the per capita burden was reduced by 159. The agricultural-related direct subsidies reached RMB 3.16 billion. The input in agriculture was remarkably increased. The provincial fiscal budgetary spending on farmers, agriculture and rural areas over the past five years reached RMB 74.74 billion, an average annual increase of 37%. We intensify agricultural restructuring and high efficient and export-oriented ecological agricultural picked up the pace of development. Last year the grain output hit 31.75 billion kilograms. The area of high efficient agriculture accounted for over one quarter of the arable land and the export of agricultural products doubled in the past five years. The industrialized agricultural operation level was improved, the quality of products improved and various farmers professional cooperative organization developed steadily. Progress was made in the ten project of new countryside building and real difficulties in the life of the rural population were resolved. 63 thousand rural highways were rebuilt and every administrative village has highways and 96.5% have passenger transport services. 11thousand county and township waterways were rehabilitated, 9.36 million mu of middle and low yield farmland were improved and the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture was enhance. 10.02 million more people benefit from the water quality improvement and 96.9% of rural population have access to tap water. The problem of rural thatched dilapidated houses was resolved. The landscape of 1,011 economic weak villages underwent profound changes thanks to the support of the government. The training of rural labor force was strengthened. 3.92 million of rural labor force was transferred in the past five years and over 60% were transferred to non-agricultural industry. Urbanization and urban modernization was accelerated and the urbanization rate hit 53.2%, up 8.5% in the past five years.

Regional common development entered a new stage. We intensified support for the reinvigoration of North Jiangsu and implement the transfer of industry, finance, science and technology and labor force from South Jiangsu to North Jiangsu. The provincial input hit RMB 156.5 billion, including RMB 66.6 billion of transfer payment of provincial finance. North Jiangsu took on 9,729 industrial transfer projects worth over RMB 5 million with investment totaling RMB 364.39 billion. Progress was made in jointly establishing development zones by the South and North. The industrialization process of North was accelerated and the growth rate of major economic indicators began to exceed the provincial average. Middle Jiangsu relied on the opening and development along the Yangtze River to gather production elements. The competitive industry developed fast and showed signs of robust rise. South Jiangsu focused on improving the industrial scale and capacity of independent innovation. Therefore, the overall strength and international competitiveness continuously improved. Meanwhile South took the initiative in participating and advancing the economic integration of the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the leader, in supporting and participating in the great development of the west and doing well in pairing assistance.


        Social programs developed fast. The provincial fiscal budget invested RMB 51.43 billion for cumulative five years, an average annual growth of 28.5%. The development of educational sector is prioritized. The compulsory education covered 98.6% and the high school education was basically universalized and the gross enrollment rate hit 37%, up 17% from that of 2002. The enrolled university students hit 1.568 million and enrolled vocational school students hit 1.536 million, both ranking top nationwide. Medical care and health program developed fast. The disease prevention and control system was completely built. The public health emergency treatment system took initial shape. Rural health and urban community health was strengthened. Community health service center was built in 95% of urban areas and 38% of medical needs of urban residents were met in the community. Breakthrough was made in population and family planning. Cultural program and cultural industry thrived. Public cultural service system was improved. A number of key cultural facilities like the new establishment of Nanjing library were completed. All counties people have access to libraries and cultural museums and all villagers have access to broadband. The cable TV users hit 13.5 million and the cable TV coverage was extended from 32.9% to 58%. Cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage were effectively preserved. Cultural system reform was carried out and the development of cultural industry was more vigorous. We strengthen creation of cultural fine works and training of cultural talents. All artistic forms contended to develop. Jiangsu took the lead in major national contest of artistic works. Foreign cultural exchanges were expanded. Socialist cultural and ideological progress was promoted. The spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence was popular and a number of advance representatives were produced. New achievements were made in radio, film and television, the press and publishing, philosophy and the social sciences. We promoted the balanced development of recreational sports and competitive sports. Nanjing Olympic Stadium was put into use and the tenth National Games, the third National Sports Meeting and the sixth National Disabled Games were successful held here.


        Positive progress was made in environmental protection and ecological building. We strengthened environmental comprehensive treatment of key river basins, key area, key industries and key enterprises. Emergency treatment of Tai Lake achieved the set target, major pollution dangers of centralized drinking water source were got rid of, days of urban enjoying good air quality increased year by year and positive progress was made in rural clean project building. We raised the pollutant discharge standard of some industries and regions and environmental entry standard, established the environmental price system and attached great importance to meteorological disaster prevention. Urban and rural environmental infrastructure and monitoring facilities building was beefed up. There were 75 new urban sewage treatment plants with a daily handing capacity of 3.778 million tons and 28 new harmless garbage disposal plants with a daily handing capacity of 18 thousand tons. We actively carry out pilot program of circular economy and developed clean production. Building a green Jiangsu was accelerated. The forestation coverage increase by 8.13 million mu over the past five years. Last year the provincial forest coverage and forestation coverage of urban areas reached 16.9% and 42%, up 5.5% and 6.7% from that of 2002 respectively. There are 22 national hygienic cities, 21 national environmental protection demonstration cities, 12 national landscape garden cities and 18 green demonstration cities (counties), all taking the lead nationwide. There are 6 national ecological cities, two thirds of the national total. Yangzhou was awarded World Habitat Awards by the UN.


        In the past five years, we adhered to comprehensive reform, advanced institutional innovation, expanded the depth and width of reform and opening up and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the open economy. More vigor and vitality was injected into the social and economic development.


        Reform on all fronts was deepened. We deepened the reform of state-owned enterprises, took the lead in exploring the establishment of outside director system, innovating in the board of supervisors mechanism and improving the corporate legal person management system. We set up the management system of state-owned assets and maintained and increased their value. The provincial state-owned assets reached RMB 1.3 trillion and the profit exceeded RMB 35 billion, double and quadruple that of 2002. We encouraged and supported the accelerated development of private sector. There are over 680 thousand private companies, 2.4 times that of 2002. The registered capital exceeded RMB 1.2 trillion, an increase of RMB 1 trillion. 112 private companies ranked among the top 500 national private companies. A new pattern of national capital, private capital and foreign capital mutually promoting and sharing common development basically took shape. Reform of public institutions was implemented smoothly. We steadily carry out adjustment of township administrative division. Reform of fiscal and taxation and fiscal management was deepened. The reform of county finance that was put directly under the management of provincial government was in full swing. We steadily push forward financial reform and finance provided greater support for the social and economic development. By the end of 2007, the deposit and loan balance of domestic and foreign currency of financial institutions stood at RMB 3.13 trillion and 2.33 trillion, 2.5 times and 2.7 times that of the end of 2002. Jiangsu Bank was opened and put into operation. Nanjing Bank was successfully listed. The trial of agricultural insurance was comprehensively promoted. There are 169 companies listed at home and abroad, an increase of 91 over five years. Modern market system building was deepened. There are 17 commodity markets with a yearly turnover of over 10 billion. The function of market elements such as capital, technology and talents were further expanded.


        New breakthrough was made in open economy. We strived to improve the quality and level of utilization of foreign capital. The paid-in foreign capital ranked top for five consecutive years and hit USD 21.89 billion last year and USD 80.44 for cumulative five years. There were 34.5 thousand foreign invested companies and over 300 out of the Fortune Global 500 investing in Jiangsu. We strive to advance the transformation of foreign trade growth pattern. Exports of high-tech content and high value added products increased. Total import and export volume increased from USD 70.3 billion in 2002 to USD 349.7 billion in 2007, among which the export increased from USD 38.4 billion to USD 203.7 billion, an increase of 400% and 430% respectively. We picked up the pace of “going global”, increased foreign investment and took the lead nationwide in foreign contracting and labor cooperation. We made an effort to create new advantages of the development zone. There were 45 provincial and national development zones, 10 special functional zones including export processing zones and 136 national and provincial development zones, all taking the lead nationwide. The integration of resources, function optimization and institutional innovation was intensified and the intensive development level and the capacity to stimulate the development of surrounding areas were improved.


        In the past five years, we adhere to the policy of putting people first and giving priority of making people rich in a bid to solve the most practical problems of the most direct concern to the people. We formulated favorable policies for employment, entrepreneurialship and social security to benefit, enrich and assure the people. The income of urban and rural residents grew rapidly and people’s livelihood was notably improved.


        The employment scale was expanded. We promoted full employment in different forms. The urban registered unemployment rate dropped for five years in a row and decreased to 3.19% last year. Public finance of all levels used for employment and reemployment accumulated to RMB 5.16 billion. The supporting policies benefited the laid off and unemployed, farmers whose land was requisitioned, “zero-employment” families and the disabled. We actively promoted balanced employment in urban and rural areas. 4.9 million new jobs were created over five years. 1.61 million graduates found jobs and 2.11 million unemployed were reemployed. We basically met the target of setting the “zero-employment” families at a dynamic zero. We strengthened employment training and trained 3 million unemployed over the past five years. 


        Income of urban and rural residents increased rapidly. We energetically promoted entrepreneurship for prosperity and raise the wage, operational income, property income and other legal income through multiple channel. Per capita disposable income of urban residents hit RMB 16,378 and per capita net income of rural residents hit RMB 6,561, an increase of 100% and 64.2% for five years respectively. We strive to increase the income of low income earners and raise the minimum wage standard for employees for five consecutive years. The per capita basic pension of retirees grew by 58% and the problem of public school staff was effectively solved by issuing the subsidies and giving payments according to the provincial standard.


        Social security system was further improved. The coverage rate of old-age insurance for urban employees stood at 98% and the trail of new-type rural social old-age insurance was carried out in 36 counties (municipalities and districts). The basic medical insurance system covering urban and rural residents were basically built. 95% urban workers were covered by the basic medical insurance, 88% of urban residents participated in the basic medical insurance and 95% of farmers participated in new-type rural cooperative medical care system. We strengthened the medical series system building and medical assistance benefiting the people, reduced and subsidized the medical cost for needy people. We achieved complete coverage of the subsistence allowance system covering urban and rural residents and put in place the regular growth mechanism. The provincial finance allocated to the subsistence allowance system hit RMB 1.11 billion covering a population of 446 thousand people from 203 thousand urban households and 1.145 million from 590 thousand rural households. We established the basic living standard system for farmers whose land was expropriated benefiting 1.968 million. Migrant works that had stable jobs in cities were gradually included into the urban social insurance and participated in the workers’ injuries, medical care and old-age insurance reached 3.07 million, 2.82 million and 2.72 million, respectively.


        We effectively solved the outstanding problems that affect people’s lives. We strive to solve the practical difficulties for the people with the focus on assisting the needy, the impoverished students, the old and the disabled. The provincial expenditure in this regard increased from RMB 42 million in 2002 to 3.8 billion last year, 89.5 times higher. We issue the price subsidies to low-income urban and rural residents and needy students in universities and secondary schools on a timely basis to ensure the living standard will not decline. The low renting housing system was completely established in counties and cities. Affordable houses with an area of 22 million square meters were newly built and the living conditions of low-income family were improved. We strengthened legal aid and 64 thousand cases were handled over the past five years and the legitimate rights and interests of over 80 thousand needy people were effectively defended.


        In the past five years, we adhered to the building of a service-oriented, legal and honest government, fully fulfilled the responsibilities, actively advanced the management innovation and made headway in the transformation of government function.


        The government self-improvement was further strengthened. We actively pressed ahead with reform of administrative system and stressed fulfilling the responsibilities of social management and public services while intensifying and improving the economic regulation and market control. The government’s ability to serve the development, the grassroots and the people was further improved. We deeply implement the Administrative Permission Law and projects ratified by the provincial administrative permission were slashed by 32.8%. We aggressively promoted administration according to the law and exercise the power and perform the duties within the stipulated scope of authority and on the basis of the procedures defined by laws, and accept oversight. Over the past five years 50 local bills were submitted to the provincial people’s congress for review. We actively press forward the transparency of government work, completely set up the system of spokesperson, and widely introduced e-government. The system to make procedures public was gradually improved and the executive ability and credibility was further improved. We strengthened the building of the government work style, detailed the work responsibilities and focused on the key and difficult areas to improve the administrative efficiency and ensure the implementation of police and measures. We continued to become an honest government official and run the government strictly. We conscientiously implemented the work responsibility system to combat corruption and build a clean government and addressed the root courses so as to build the fine image of the government serving the people with practical and clean style.


        The social management level was further improved. We strengthened the building of a legal, peaceful and honest Jiangsu and promoted social stability and harmony. The building of communities in urban and rural areas was strengthened and social organizations enjoyed sound development. Democracy at the community level was expanded and the democratic system featuring villager autonomy, community-based residents autonomy and democratic management of enterprises and public institutions in the form of the workers’ congress. The campaign to disseminate the knowledge of law was carried out and people’s awareness and capability to safeguard their own rights were improved. We actively built the fight, prevention and control network, improved the mediation mechanism, strengthened the basic building of communities, implemented the comprehensive treatment measures of social security and cracked down on all kind of illegal and criminal activities. The incident rate of major criminal cases dropped for five years in a row and the assessment performance of comprehensive treatment of social security and public sense of security top the country for 3 consecutive years. The public emergency response plan took initial shape and the emergency guarantee capacity was significantly improved. We strengthened the management of safe production and made initial achievements in the special campaign to improve the product quality and safety of food and drugs. We strengthened and improved the price regulation. In 2007 CPI rose by 4.3%, 0.5 percent lower than the national average. We carried out events to support the military, give preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs and develop socialist ethics and culture established jointly by the army and civilians. Thirteen municipalities under the jurisdiction of the provincial government and three county-level cities were awarded the double-support model city. Great progress was made in the national defense in terms of the reservists building, the mobilization, civil air defense and special care for disabled ex-servicemen and family members of revolutionary martyrs. We strengthened work related to the ethnic, religious, foreign, overseas Chinese, Taiwan and letter and complaint affairs. New progress was made in women, children, youth, the old, Red Cross, charity and disabled programs.                             


        Fellow deputies, the past five years constituted a key period in Jiangsu’s overall development when the Province witnessed the fastest raise of its comprehensive strength, the biggest change of urban-rural looks, the greatest achievements in social building and benefits for the people. Confronted with new challenges in the macro environment and arduous tasks, we were committed to innovative outlook on development, transformation of development mode and real solutions to development difficulties; we successfully tided over the SARS and the catastrophic flood, proactively dealt with the new situations after China’s entry into WTO and unswervingly implemented the Central Government’s policies and measures on macro-regulation, making continuous efforts to pushing forward Jiangsu’s modernization. We are greatly indebted to the correct leadership of the Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary and to the concerted efforts and hard work of government officials and the general public. On behalf of the provincial people’s government, I would now like to express our sincere thanks to all the people in Jiangsu, to all deputies, to members of the Provincial People’s Consultative Conference, to members of democratic groups, to members of the federation of industry and commerce, to all people's organizations, to people from all walks of life, to the people’s liberation army, to the armed police quartered in the province, to all police officers, to all national ministries and commissions, and to other provinces. I would like to sincerely thank our compatriots from the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan, as well as overseas Chinese.   


        Though all those achievements are fully recognized, yet we need to stay sober-minded, since there are indeed many problems and difficulties concerning Jiangsu’s socio-economic life. First, inconsistency of economic structure remains prominent. Much more effort is required to tackle the unbalanced industrial structure, in which heavy industries weight too much and service industries too little, as well as the unbalanced regional development and that between urban and rural areas. Second, pressures on resources and environment are intensified. The transformation of extensive growth pattern has not been completed yet. We are facing with formidable tasks in protection of arable land, energy saving, reduction of pollutant emission and environmental treatment.  Third, the long-term farmers’ enrichment mechanism has yet to be completed. The fundamental significance of agriculture needs to be further strengthened, and agriculture commercialization needs to be promoted to a higher level; otherwise agriculture efficiency and the increase of farmers’ income on a continuous basis would be restrained. Fourth, some outstanding social problems which concerns of people’s tangible benefits need better solutions. Social undertaking calls for more hard work. Allocation of public resources needs to be optimized. The general public is facing real difficulties in education, medical care, housing and old-age entitlement. Tons of work in safe-guarding production safety and social stability needs to be done. For multiple reasons, people’s lives were somehow disturbed due to the soaring commodity prices which started last year. At the same time, there’s room to improve the work of the government. The utter transformation of governmental function has not yet realized. Law-based governance and scientific administration require more efforts. Formalistic and bureaucratic style of work as well as corruption is found in few public officials. We shall pay enough attention to these existing problems and take harder measures to solve them.


        Fellow deputies, in retrospect, we deeply feel that the fundamentals of good governance under the new circumstances lie in the steadfast belief in and the down-to-earth implementation of the scientific outlook on development. Such significant strategic thought shall command the overall process of realization of the “Two Leads”, and shall be manifested in all aspects of socio-economic development. We shall step up efforts in embarking on the great cause of building a well-off society guided by the scientific outlook on development. The past five-year practice indicates that, in order to accelerate the building of a well-off society in an all-round way, we shall continue to set “the sound and fast development” our primary task, giving more prominence to economic restructuring and transformation of the development mode, to sci-tech advancement and higher caliber of the labor force, and to resources saving and environment protection, pragmatically guiding the socio-economic development to the right track on scientific development. Empowered by the reform and opening-up policy as well as the horizon-broadening strategy, we shall hold firm this strategic opportunity of great importance, proactively exploring a developmental path with Chinese and Jiangsu’s features. We shall break the restrains of the out-of-date mechanism through deepening the reform, and shall expand our advantages through broadening the opening-up; thus socio-economic development can be filled with vigor and vitality. We shall adhere to a balanced development philosophy, offering stronger support to the less developed regions, the weaker link in the overall development and to the disadvantaged groups in society, focusing on the lopsided, uncoordinated and unbalanced issues and strengthening the all-sidedness, compatibility and sustainability in our development. We shall regard the improvement of people’s livelihood as our original intention as well as the anchor of our work. Our work is all about realizing, safeguarding and promoting the fundamental interests of the people. We shall adopt the pragmatic attitude to serve the people, making them gain tangible benefit from the development and enhancing social harmony and stability. We shall also adhere to exercising governance in accordance with the law, enhancing self building, accelerating the transformation of governmental functions, working hard towards a service-oriented, law-based, and clean government which serves the people, takes care of the people and satisfies the people.   


        Goals and General Requirement for the Next Five Years

        To take more substantial steps forward on the road of scientific development and to make the future of Jiangsu more promising, which not only are the aspiration from and the latest position of Jiangsu set by the Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, but are origins of the fundamental interest of Jiangsu People, and the beacon and power guiding and driving us to make sound and fast moves at the new start point as well. The solemn mission of accelerating the process of realizing a well-off society at a higher level means great responsibilities and arduous tasks. However, under the correct leadership of CPC Jiangsu Committee and with the concerted efforts of all people in Jiangsu, we are confident and determined to reach that goal that the modernization of Jiangsu would be enhanced to a brand new phase and the future of Jiangsu would be brighter.


        The next five-year is one significant transitional period for Jiangsu to build the well-off society in an all-round way. We are shouldering the great trust of Jiangsu people and are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges; however in general opportunities overweigh challenges.  The world is now witnessing faster economic globalization and advanced sci-tech reforms. The international and regional cooperation is gaining great momentum; the world economy in general will grow steadily, both of which provide us with favorable environment to take part in the international division of labor at a higher level. The 17th Session of CPC’s General Assembly has made the overall arrangement for promoting the great cause of realizing socialism with Chinese characteristics, and scientific development has become the clear guidance for us to move towards future. The comprehensive strength of Jiangsu has been enhanced, the reform and opening-up been deepened, processes of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization been sped up, major progress in building the well-off society in an all-round way been registered, and the regional coordinated development in the Yangtze River Delta been upgraded to national strategy, all of which bring about amicable conditions and rare opportunities for us to achieve sound and fast development. At the same time, we need to be mindful of the uncertainties and risks in global economic development, the mounting instability of international financial market, fluctuation of energy price at high perch in global market, the rising pressure of global inflation as well as the tendency towards protectionism in international trade, all of which impose new challenges to the highly open Jiangsu. While outstanding conflicts accumulated out of domestic economical operation interweave with those new situations and problems, which adds to the severity of uncertainties in the development. We must give true judgment to the changes of macro situation, fully recognize the opportunities as well as the challenges under the new circumstances and get ready for any eventualities and for danger in times of safety by studying and weighing the situation. We shall act more proactively to seize the chances, design the future in a more scientific way and seek more effective solutions to difficult problems, so as to explore even brighter prospect for the reform and opening up as well as the modernization cause of Jiangsu.


        The general requirement for the work of the government in five years’ time is: holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, insisting on Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as our guide, fully implementing a scientific outlook on development, with the mission of “achieving prosperous life and building a new Jiangsu” adhering to take the leading position in fostering scientific and harmonious development, earnestly giving priority to enrichment of the people, to sci-tech and educational development, to environment protection and to energy and resources saving, putting into practice the five major strategies, namely, rejuvenating Jiangsu through sci-tech and educational development, economic internationalization, urbanization, common development among different regions and sustainable development, accelerating economic restructuring and transformation of development mode, energetically bolstering reform and opening up as well as independent innovation, substantially enhancing energy saving and environment protection, making more efforts to improve people’s livelihood and to promote social harmony, building a well-off society at a higher level at a sound and fast manner, and making Jiangsu’s future more beautiful.


        In accordance with the strategic deployments mapped out by the 17th CPC National Congress, the 11th Provincial CPC Party Congress and the 3rd Plenary of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, we are to enrich the goal of “achieving prosperous life and building a new Jiangsu” by establishing a full-fledged index system to assess the well-off level, and to pursue even greater objectives through paying more attention to a balanced development, to enhancing independent innovation capability, to improvement of people’s livelihood, to broadening the scope of people’s democracy, to cultural building, and to ecological environment, so as to basically accomplish the goal that Jiangsu shall take the lead in building a well-off society at a higher level, which would serve as solid foundations for her to take the lead in basically realize modernization. The major objectives concerning the economic and social development in the next five years are:


        Major breakthroughs shall be made in transformation of the development mode and a sound and fast economic development shall be realized. We will adhere to coordinating the relations among speed, quality and benefits; consumption, investment and export; population, resources and environment; reform, development and social stability. Based on the evident optimization of industrial structuring, the overall raise of innovation capacity and the balanced development between urban and rural areas and among different regions, the annual growth rate of Jiangsu’s GDP shall be over 10%, and the per capita GDP in 2012 shall have been reached US$8,000.


        Major achievements shall be made in resources saving and environment protection and the level of ecological-friendliness shall be enhanced evidently. We shall seek the balance between socio-economic development and the building of ecological-friendly environment. The industrial structure, ways of growth and consumption mode in energy and resources saving and in environment protection have been taken shape, which add fuels to the sustainable development. The energy consumption per GDP and major pollutant emission shall be reduced against the relevant goals set in the 11th Five Year Program. The outstanding environment problems shall be solved effectively. Jiangsu shall be among the top of China in energy utilization efficiency, environment protection and the quality of ecological environment.


        Leapfrog progress and great prosperity in cultural development shall be made true and an overall progress in education, health and other social entitlement programs shall be made. The spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and the pursuit of excellence shall filter into people’s mind that the innovation capacity of the society will be filled with fresh blood and the citizens’ civility will be raised in all respects. Cultural programs will become more prosperous, with enhanced industrial strength, enriched cultural products and enlarged team of talents engaged in cultural business. Major progress shall be registered in turning Jiangsu into a culturally outstanding province. Public education resources shall be allocated in a more optimized manner; universal education system, life-long education system as well as quality education system will be further improved thus the modernization of education will be basically realized. We shall work hard to guarantee that each and every citizen has the access to basic medical care, and the health of both urban and rural residents will be improved further.  


        Substantial improvements shall be made in people’s livelihood that both urban and rural residents can enjoy sound and ample life. Residents’ income shall gradually take more proportion in national income distribution and remuneration of labor shall gradually weigh more in primary distribution. The per capita dispensable income of urban residents will grow above 9% annually and the per capita net income of rural residents will increase over 8% annually. People’s livelihood will be universally improved. In accordance with the internationally standards that the cost of life for each person per day shall not be less than 1 US Dollar, the absolute poverty in Jiangsu will be basically eradicated. Employment will be further expanded and social security system will be improved, thus make sure everyone enjoys basic living allowance and the sense of happiness will grow stronger.


        Democracy and legal system building will be further enhanced and the society will become more stable and harmonious. Democracy mechanism will be improved, forms to exercise democracy be verified and channels to realize democracy be expanded. People’s rights will be safeguarded in an effective way. The building of a law-based Jiangsu will register new progress that the sense of legality will be strengthened; administration in accordance with the law will be continuously advocated and the capability to govern and to deliver services by the government will be further enhanced. Interests of all sides shall be taken into due consideration and social justice and equity shall be substantially safeguarded. A new round of “Safe Jiangsu” will be gaining momentum to make sure society operates in a secure and orderly way and people live and work in peace and content.


        Fellow deputies, we are to shoulder arduous yet glorious tasks in the next five years. We firmly believe that through concerted efforts by all people in Jiangsu, the economy will grow stronger, development will show more vigor and vitality and the building of modernized Jiangsu will enter new phase; sci-tech and educational development will make new record, culture will become more prosperous and the all-round development of the people will attain a new realm; environment will be better protected, resources will be better utilized and the harmony between humans and the nature will take on a new look; people’s livelihood will be greatly improved, democracy will be greatly developed and in the process of accelerating the building a well-off society in an all-round way people’s lives, both materially and culturally, will reach a new height.


        III. Major Tasks in 2008

        The year 2008 is the first year to earnestly implement the tasks of the 17th CPC Congress; it also marks the 30th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up initiative and a hilarious year when Beijing Olympic Games will be held. To do the work well in 2008 bears great significance. Major expected objectives of 2008’s economic and social development are: On the bases of the optimized economic structures, raised efficiency, lowed energy consumption and improved environment, the GDP of Jiangsu grows by 11%, energy consumption per unit GDP reduces by 4.4%, the COD and SO2 emission reduce by 3% and 3.6% respectively, the local general budgetary income increases by 15%, total retail sales of consumer goods grows by 15%, total foreign trade volume increases by 15%, the dispensable income for urban residents grows by 10%, the net income of rural residents increases by 9%, the growth rate of CPI will not exceed the national average, the registered urban unemployment rate will be below 4% and the natural population increase will be within 4%.   


        In order to meet those goals, we must earnestly implement the policies and measures of the Central Government upon strengthening and improving the macro-regulation, seek for new development through innovative way of thinking, and make breakthroughs by new measures. The core lies in adhering to prioritize the sound development to realize sound and fast development. Our work shall focus on the following 9 aspects.


        1. Accelerating the economic restructuring and raising the quality and efficiency of economic growth We shall adhere to pursuit of the new type         industrialization that in accordance with the requirements to pull up the value chain of the industries, to optimize the industrial structure and to give more weigh on light industries, we will promote the transformation of our industrial structure towards high-end manufacturing and modern service, as well as the blend of informationization and industrialization.


        Highlight the development of modern service industry. We will earnestly implement various policies and measures to support the development of the service industry, encouraging it to expand the scale, optimize the structure and raise the level so that the ratio of value-added out of the service industry to total GDP will increase by 1%. Foci will be given to the development of the finance, logistics, exhibition, R&D, commerce, information and other production service sectors. We need to energetically improve the level of tourism, commercial affairs and other life-related service industries, and make great efforts in promoting chain operation and other new-type logistics. Special attention will be paid to the construction of the service industries cluster zones, with priority granted to the software industry. Concerted efforts will also go to the development of international outsourcing industry, adding fuels to the construction of software towns, software parks, demonstration cites of service outsourcing, demonstration bases and districts, and accelerating the building of an international outsourcing industrial belt in south Jiangsu.  


        Accelerate the development of the advanced manufacturing industry. The pillar industries will move up its value chain, the emerging industries will expand their scales and the traditional industries will establish their brands. Prioritize the development of high-and-new tech industries, thoroughly implement another round of the “2 doubling” plan, and nurture a batch of high-and-new tech industrial clusters. Put more endeavor in making breakthroughs in independent design and manufacturing of key large apparatus, as well as in independent R&D of key large complete appliances. The total output from the high-and-new tech industries shall take up over 28% of all industrial output from industries above designated size. Further strengthen and optimize the pillar industries such as electric information, equipment manufacturing and petrochemical; expand the scales of the emerging industries such as new energy, new materials and new medicine and pharmaceuticals; reform and upgrade the traditionally advantageous industries such as textile and garment, metallurgy, light industries and construction materials, aiming at raising the competitiveness and the added value of those industries. Make fuller use of the clustering effect of industry conglomerations, promote the key advantageous industries to move up the value chain and speed up the nurturing of a batch of giant enterprises and groups that possess core technologies and own brands. Raise the level of construction development, fostering the transformation from a big province to a strong province in this arena.  


        Further adjust and optimize the investment structure. We will strictly take control over the excessively fast growth in investment in fixed assets, expand effective investments and accelerate the implementation of a group of key infrastructure and industrial projects. Energetically promote the construction of Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge, No. 4 Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing River-crossing Tunnel, Lianyungang Port, Taicang Port, Yangkou Port and Dafeng Port; initiate the construction of  Jiangsu part of the Chongming-Qidong Bridge and of the Shanghai-Nanjing intercity rails; earnestly complete the work upon the multiple tracking as well as the preliminary work of electrization upgrading of the Nanjing-Hangzhou Railway, Jiangsu part of the Shanghai-Nantong Railway and the Nanjing-Qidong Railway. Push forward the construction of the Phase II of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, as well as a group of wind power, biomass power generation and supercritical large generating sets.  Basically finish the construction of Seawall Target -hitting project, the new round of harnessing the Huaihe River; accelerate the Phase I Eastern route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the northern extension project of Tongyu River, danger-eliminating and solidifying project of the reservoirs and other major water conservatory and transport projects. Pay more attention to Suzhou Hefa Technologies, Wuxi Hynix Phase III, Kunshan InfoVision Optoelectronics Phase II, Huai’an Foxconntech Phase II, Nantong Ojipaper, Taizhou China Medical City Phase I, Xuzhou Engineering and Machinery Base and other projects. Speed up the construction of the carriers for service industry clusters such as Nanjing China Post Air Express Logistics Distribution Center and the International Innovation Base in Changzhou Science and Education Town. More investment will go to high efficiency agriculture, energy saving and pollutant reduction, independent innovation and social entitlement programs. Tighten the administration and supervision over newly established projects and highlight the quality and efficiency of the investments.    


        Proactively expand the consumers’ demand. We will continue to improve the environment for the consumers, foster new consumption growth areas, expand the scale of consumption and promote the consumption upgrading. Extend service consumption such as telecommunication, tourism, recreation and entertainment; guide the consumption on housing and autos to develop healthily. More efforts will be made in building a communication and market system for the goods and trades in the countryside. The Market Building Project in 10 Thousand Villages and Thousands of Townships will continue to be carried out, making the modern means of circulation go into the rural areas and enlarging the rural consumption market.


        2. Promoting the building of an innovation-driven province and enhancing the capability of independent innovation Deepen the reform upon technological management system, strengthen the cooperation among industries, universities and research institutes, and promote, with the high-caliber talent pool as backup, the transformation of this province from investment-drive to innovation-driven, from resources-dependent to technologies-supporting, and from made in Jiangsu to create in Jiangsu.


        Accentuate the dominant position of enterprises to boost technology innovation. Support the close cooperation between companies and universities and research institutes, improve the industry-university-research cooperation mechanism and set up a batch of high-end industry-university-research cooperation bases that are market oriented. Government shall play the leading role in creating favorable environment for enterprises to innovate through policies to make companies enjoy the fruits of innovation and have the innovative talents work for them. Large scale enterprises shall become the pillar force in fostering innovation while SMEs shall be supported and encouraged to nurture independent or joint innovation. Proactively implement the Innovation Guidance Project, encouraging enterprises to invest more in R&D and supporting the large and medium sized companies to establish national or provincial level R&D centers and post-doctorate work stations. Strive to import and bring in advanced technological achievements from overseas, fostering, in a down-to-earth manner, the assimilation and absorption of the imported technologies in order to re-innovate on our own. We strongly support joint R&D activities with foreign counterparts in all kinds of forms, and encourage local companies to take part in overseas M&A, equity sharing or setting up R&D center in foreign countries so as to promote the internationalization of R&D.


        Speed up the nurturing and transformation of key technological achievements. Make full use of the earmarked fund for transforming technological achievements, and guide more investment from business and non-government sectors into transformation of the technological achievements. Based on the great strength Jiangsu has gained in sci-tech and education development, we will make the most of the advantage of universities and research institutes in boosting technological innovation, enhancing the capacity of fundamental and applied basic researches to make even more key technological progresses that enjoy huge market demand. Based on the listed emerging industries and advantageous industries that are foci for further development, we will fully support a set of major scientific and technological projects; make breakthroughs in a set of core and key technologies and encourage further development of a group of major technological innovation projects. IPR strategy will be implemented and research on technology standard will be intensified. Push forward the construction of carriers for technological innovation. Accelerate the development of Sci-Tech Parks and incubators for sci-tech companies of various kinds, highlighting the professionalism and quality services, paying special attention to the building of four kinds of service platforms, namely, the technical service, the technological achievements transfer and trade, financing service and HR service, so as to improve the capability of tech-based public service. We will vigorously expand the foundation risk investment, intensify the financing of innovation and carving out business and carry out pilot programs of IPR pledge and technological insurances for high-and-new tech enterprises. Add vigor and vitality to the technology market and support the growth of major sci-tech intermediary agencies.


        Further enlarge the high profile talent pool. We will intensify the work on import and production of high profile innovative and entrepreneurial talents, with focus on those who possess innovative achievements, know well about internationally advanced management and who are good at making use of sci-tech resources. We also are interested in import of world-class engineering technicians, aiming at promoting development to a higher level backed up by talents of high caliber. Training programs such as Thousands Trained in HK, Thousands of Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Trained Overseas, and Yangtze River Engineers Program will continue to be conducted, so that production of high profile talents who are badly needed in the socio-economic development will be accelerated. Incentive policies will be made better. Jiangsu will attract first-class talents by its first-class environment and will become the optimal choice for high profile talents to realize their innovation or start-up plans.


        3. Intensifying the balanced concept in rural and urban development, promoting coordinated development among different regions In accordance with the requirements of fostering a balanced development, we will accelerate the building of a long-term mechanism that promoting agriculture through industry and developing rural areas through urban development, bolster the gaining momentum of agricultural efficiency, of farmers’ income and of development of the rural areas. Restructure and optimize the industries and strive to make greater breakthroughs in realizing common development among different regions.


        Substantially push forward the construction of the New Socialist Countryside. Improve policies on enriching the farmers and favoring the development of agriculture, continue to expand investment on Agriculture, Farmers and the Rural Areas, guarantee the growth of financial support for agriculture, the investment on fixed assets which are used in the rural areas and income from land transfers that goes in construction of the countryside shall be greater than those of the previous year. The newly increased income from tax on land occupation shall mainly goes into investment on Agriculture, Farmers and the Rural Areas, and part of the income from urban construction and maintenance tax shall go to construction of rural infrastructures. We will energetically carry out the restructuring of agriculture, stabilize the crops production, strive for the development of modern agriculture, promote the scale-up as well as commercialization of the high-efficiency agriculture and build a set of high-efficiency agriculture bases. Intensify the quality control of agricultural goods and endeavor to establish some well-known brands. Foster and expand the leading agriculture enterprises, vigorously develop the intensive processing of agricultural goods and the modern logistics in this arena, and thoroughly implement the rejuvenating plan for exports of agricultural goods. Tackle harder the problems in agriculture-related science and technology, and improve the service system of agricultural technology spread. Deepen the comprehensive reform in the rural areas, give support to the growth of farmers coop organizations of different kind, explore an effective mechanism for the transfer of the contractual right of land and develop the optimum-scale farming in a proactive yet stable manner. Properly settle the village and township level debts. Substantially push forward the Ten Projects in construction of the New Socialist Countryside, and speed up the completion of a new round of the Five Practical Things in the Rural Areas. Enhance the infrastructure construction with a clear focus on irrigation and water conservancy, intensify the exploration of agricultural resources, raise the level of farming mechanization and strengthen the comprehensive producing capacity of agriculture. Continue the efforts in promoting the migration of rural labor force, highlighting the technical training and training for new start-ups, aiming at producing new type of farmers. Intensify the development for poverty relief, carry out, in an earnest manner, the Helping the Farmers in Ten Thousand Households Covering Thousands of Villages Project, in the hope for an initial success in Poverty Alleviation Program. Accelerate the urban-rural integration with greater efforts in urban infrastructure construction, urban service function, innovation of urban management system, so as to raise the level of urban development and make urban areas bigger radiating and exemplary role in boosting rural development.


        Promote regional co-development at a higher level. We shall earnestly implement the Opinions on Promoting Regional Coordinated Development in the Yangtze Delta from the Central Government, prepare and implement the provincial level primary function area plan, realize the most optimum distribution of resources and the proper redistribution of industries. Make full use of the advantages of the late-development in north Jiangsu, strive to realize the co-development of new type of industrialization and urbanization, continue to promote the Four Transfers and south-north joint endeavor in building development zones, foster regional pillar industries, accelerate the building of East Longhai Industrial Belts, and intensify the new round of coastal development. Concerted efforts will fill into Suqian to help her make greater progress, bolster the rejuvenation of Xuzhou traditional industrial bases, pay special attention to supporting Lianyungang to realize better development, accelerate the building of Huai’an into a key central city in north Jiangsu, and make Yancheng play her significant role in the coastal development. Mid-Jiangsu will take over the industrial transfer from the developed regions, and build advanced manufacturing base at a high preference point, striving for a new developmental pattern featured by interdynamic developments of the River and Sea and across the River. South Jiangsu shall play a leading role in transforming the development mode and in industrial upgrading, working hard towards intensive development, independent innovation and stronger competitiveness in international arena. Proactively carry out inter-province economic cooperation, support and participate in the Western Development, Northeast Revival Plan and Central China’s Emerging Strategy so as to explore new rooms for development.          


        4. Strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction to build resource-conserving and environmental-friendly province We will give full play to the market mechanism and policy orientation, establish the government-dominated working pattern with the business as the main body and encourage the whole society to make great efforts to complete the task of energy conservation and emission reduction.

        We will intensify our efforts to save energy and reduce emission through readjusting the structure, upgrading the technology and improving the management. We will restrict the access to the energy conservation and environmental protection of construction projects and improve the standard of pollutant emission in key areas and key industries, and the project with high energy consumption will be strictly controlled. By doing so, we could realize energy conservation and emission reduction at the source. Much priority will be given to conserve energy in the industry, particularly in five key industries including metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electric power and textile and that consuming 5,000-ton standard mine. We will eliminate the project and enterprise with heavy pollution and complete the three-year plan of closing the small-scale chemical industries at the end of this year, a year earlier than the scheduled time. We will establish the large-capacity generating set and close down the small-capacity one. Within this year, small thermal power generating units with 1.5 million kilowatts. We will give more support to efforts of energy conservation and emission reduction through technological upgrading and introduce the relevant technologies in major energy consumption-intensive industries and enterprises. Meanwhile, we will develop the industry for the environmental protection, promote the cleaner production and expand the trial program of the recycling economy. We should call for building efficiency, transportation energy efficiency and energy conservation efforts in public institutions including government agencies. We will promote the relevant advanced managerial mode, improve and implement the evaluation and statistics systems, improve the target responsibility system and intensify the law enforcement. The new price policy on environment will be implemented, and the trial project on emission trading will also expanded.

        We will enhance the environmental protection and ecological construction. we will make solid progress to control water pollution in key river basins including the Yangtze River, Huaihe River and the development zone along the route of south-to-north water transfer project and that in coastal areas. Taihu Lake Water Environment Management will be put highly on the agenda of the environmental protection. This year, government spending on it will reach over RMB 2 billion yuan, and cities and counties will spend 10% to 20% of the newly added funding on the Taihu Lake treatment. Priority will be given to the water transfer of Xingou River and Zoumatang, the comprehensive treatment of rivers flowing into the Lake, the ecological dredging and environmental remediation around the Taihu Lake. All the villages and towns will have access to the concentrated sewage treatment facilities, ensuring that great progress will be made in treating the Taihu Lake. We will strengthen the management and protection of the drinking water source and promote concentrated water supply in urban and rural areas. We will implement the integrated measures to improve the urban and rural environment and dredge the waterways in rural areas. We will strictly control the non-point pollution in the countryside and facilitate the clean energy construction and toilet improvement in rural areas. The newly-added urban daily sewage treatment will be 1million tons, and we will improve the innocuous disposal of domestic garbage and the dust control in urban areas. We will enhance our capacity of combating climate change and continue the campaign of Green Jiangsu featuring afforestation, by doing so, the forest coverage rate in Jiangsu will rise by 1%. We will facilitate the ecological restoration, prevent the quarrying through cutting into the mountain in accordance with the law and improve the marine environment protection, lake management and the construction of wetlands and the natural reserve. Great efforts will be made to promote the ecological civilization and build a green Jiangsu with the sound environment.

        We will improve the land utilization and management. We will continue to implement the land management system in a strictest way, implement the overall plan of using the land and control the land use for construction. We will advance the land use in a frugal and intensive way, optimize the structure of the land use, guarantee the land use for the major infrastructure and key industries and improve the land usage rate in urban and rural areas. We will intensify the market allocation of land resources and improve the bid invitation, auction and listing system for the industrial land so as to save the land and use it in an intensive way. Governments at different levels should take the responsibility to protect the farmland, and the land should be utilized in accordance with the law. We will take stern actions against violations of laws and regulations concerning the land use. By doing so, we make sure that the area, quality and usage of the basic farmland will remain unchanged.

        5. Pressing ahead with the reform and opening-up and giving more strength to systems and mechanisms. Through the intensified reform and opening-up, we should establish more effective and open systems and mechanisms which are conducive to the scientific development. We will deepen the reform in key areas and links. We will deepen the reform to introduce the corporate and shareholding systems in SOEs, improve the modern enterprise system and further promote the aggregation of the state-owned capital in key industries, competitive enterprises and the main business of enterprises, enhancing the innovation capacity and competitiveness of SOEs. The state property management system will be improved, and the distribution and structure of the state sector will be optimized. Great efforts will be made to develop private economy through promoting equitable market access, improving the conditions of capital financing, removing institutional obstacles and ensuring equal protection of property rights, strengthening the independent innovation and vigor for private enterprises and helping them transform into the high-tech, export-oriented ones with large scale. According to the requirements of the Central Government, we will accelerate the reform of administrative system to enhance the administrative efficiency and to reduce the administrative cost. By doing so, we could realize the equal rights and responsibilities, rational division of labor and sound implementation and supervision in the administrative system. Meanwhile, we will promote the reform of fiscal and tax system and reform of monetary system. We will develop the reform to place county public finance directly under the management of the provincial government and deepen the reform in the budget management system, so that the property rights will better match with the governance in the financial system. We will set up and develop the financial organization system in rural areas, improve the rural financial services. We will take a positive and prudent approach to launch the rural micro-lending organization pilot programs, continue the pilot agricultural insurance and expand the insurance coverage for cash crop. We will positively develop the capital market construction, increase over 30 listed companies and more distribution of corporate bonds and short-term financial bonds and increase the proportion of direct financing. We will enhance the strength of financial institutions with the corporate status in local areas and promote the listing of Huatai Securities at an early date. We will strive to establish a unified, open and orderly modern market system and facilitate the flow of all production factors. We will promote the construction of Sincere Jiangsu through establishing the social credit system.

        We will speed up the transformation and upgrading of the open economy. We will implement the open strategy with win-win outcomes. Combining with “Bring in” and “Going global”, we will expand openness and improve the structure and quality of openness. While choosing more effective foreign investment, we will attract talented people. We will explore ways to use the foreign capital and improve the level of using it. We will implement the industrial chain investment promotion and encourage the foreign capital flow into high-end manufacturing industry, modern industry, industry of energy conservation and environmental protection and R&D sector and flow into Central and North Jiangsu. We will regulate the foreign capital merger and acquisition and encourage strategic investors to participate in the reorganization of enterprises. We will attach greater importance to introduce talents with high quality, advanced technologies and modern managerial expertise. We will enhance our cooperation on R&D with transnational companies and localize the innovation of foreign-owned enterprises. We will take a steady step to develop the foreign trade and optimize its structure. We will develop the export base construction and increase the share of proprietary products and high-tech products with high added value in the exports. Products with high energy consumption and high pollution and resource products will be strictly controlled; meanwhile, we hope to import advanced technologies and equipments and resource products which are in short supply. We will improve the quality of general trade and promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade. We will actively deal with the conflicts in international trade and effectively guard against risks in global economy. In terms of “going global”, enterprises should take a positive approach with the support of the government. We will support the enterprises with strengths to set up the production base, resource base, marketing network and R&D centers in other provinces of China and in other countries. Great efforts will be made to establish the overseas economic and trade cooperation zone. We will build up the coordination and services mechanism for “going global”, better organizing it. Construction of development zones will be based on intensive development and overlapping functions. We will promote the innovation in the function, science and technology, management, institutions of all kinds of development zone. We will enhance the output efficiency and overall development of the development zone, speed up the construction of the industrial zone with its own features and zones with the special function and further promote the construction of eco-industrial park.

        6.   Further developing social programs and promoting balanced development between the economic and social development. We will increase the inputs to optimize the public resource allocation and develop all the social programs and improve the cultural qualities and health of all the population.

Priority will be given to develop social programs through formulating the development plan, spending fiscal funds and providing the public resources. We will improve the financial protection mechanism of rural compulsory education outlays and strive to narrow the gap in school running conditions between urban and rural areas, between different regions and between different schools in the phase of compulsory education. We will give more support to rural education. While consolidating and popularizing the education results in the high school stage, we will attach great importance to preschool education and take care of special education. We will develop the connotation of higher education, improve the development of high-level universities and key disciplines, continue to support the construction of universities listed in the national “985”Project and “211”project for higher education, enhancing the ability in cultivating talents, bringing about innovation and serving the society. we will gradually improve the training level for vocational and technological education personnel and focus on establishing national-level and provincial-level model schools of higher learning and secondary vocational colleges and cultivate more talents with good skills. We will encourage and regulate the development of non-government funded education.

        We will energetically develop the medical and health care system. We will maintain the non-profit nature of public health system, intensify responsibility of the government and increase the financial input. We will accelerate the construction of public health service system, medical service system, health care system and the system for ensuring drug supply which cover both urban and rural residents. We make great efforts to ensure that all the people have access to basic medical and health care service. We will promote the construction of Three-tier rural health care network and community-level health service network and improve the function and quality of services; as a result, people have the  minor illness could have medical treatment in the community clinic, and those having the serious illness go to the hospital and have rehabilitation back to the community. We will deepen the reform of public hospitals and encourage non-governmental sectors to establish medical institutions in accordance with the law and promote the fair and orderly competition. We will explore ways to set up the basic drug system and meet people’s demands for basic drugs, reducing the burden of people while using drugs. We will attach equal importance to the western and traditional Chinese medicine and support the development of the latter one. We will endeavor to establish a harmonious relationship between the medical service supplier and consumer. We will launch the patriotic sanitation campaign, keep the birthrate low, make the newborns healthier and comprehensively address the population issue. We will improve the level of competitive sports, positively prepare for and participate in the Olympic Games, strengthen the construction of sports facilities in urban and rural communities and extensively launch mass fitness programs.

        7. Speeding up the construction of a culturally-strong Jiangsu and promoting the cultural prosperity. Adhering to the socialist advanced culture, we will deepen the cultural restructuring and energetically develop cultural programs and industries, promoting the socialist culture construction.

We will guide the social thoughts with the socialist core values system and launch mass activities to promote the cultural and ethical progress through improving social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues and personal morality. By doing so, the cultural qualities of citizens and the cultural civilization in urban and rural areas will be improved. We will establish the public cultural system which benefits all the citizens though implementing a series of cultural projects and facilitate the construction of major cultural projects including the new building of Jiangsu Art Gallery, Phase Ⅱ Project of Nanjing Museum, Jiangsu Grand Theater, Jiangsu Radio and Television Center. We should make great efforts to ensure that villagers have access to cable TV and to realize digitization of the cable and wireless transmission networks. By doing so, we will achieve our goal to have the library and cultural center in the county and cultural station in the town and cultural activity room in the village. We will improve the community-level cultural development through sending books, plays and movies to the community and building rural reading rooms to enrich people’s life. Viewing the cultural industry as a new economic growth point, we will give greater support to it and focus on industries with strengths including radio, film and television, press and publication and artistic performance. We will integrate the resources to make the leading cultural enterprises bigger and stronger and to establish a series of cultural industry groups with their own regional features. We will promote the development of qualified cultural personnel by cultivating and introducing talents with moral and artistic qualities. We will produce quality cultural products which embody both the traditional Chinese culture and spirit of the times and create literary and artistic works reflecting the reform and opening up efforts and achievements. Meanwhile, we will strive to make the 31st Theater of the Nations and other major cultural events great success. We will expand influence of Jiangsu’s culture to other countries in the world through introducing representative works. We will intensify the development and management of the internet culture market and preserve cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage.

        8. Attaching greater importance to improving people’s well-being and enabling people benefit from the development fruit. More financial and material resources will be used to guarantee and improve people’s well-being and a proactive employment policy will be implemented. We will improve the income growth system matching with the economic development and develop the social security system, so that a long-term systematic way will be used to improve people’s livelihood and the achievements brought by the reform and development will be shared by the general public.

        We will improve people’s well-being through completing ten concrete tasks. First, we will give assistance to people with financial difficulties find jobs. The government will help to find jobs for college graduates from zero-employment families and realize dynamic clearance of zero-employment families in the current year. For people whose lands are expropriated in town planning area, the employment support policy aiming at urban laid-off workers is also available. Within this year, over 850,000 urban residents will be employed, and 250,000 laid-off workers will be re-employed. Second, more support will be given to students whose families have financial difficulties through providing free textbooks for those receiving the compulsory education in urban and rural areas and living allowances for needy resident students receiving compulsory education. According to the proportion of 10% of the total student number, we will issue grants for high school students with the standard of 1,000yuan per person per year and grants for freshmen and sophomore in secondary vocational school with the standard of 1,500yuan per person per year and scholarship and grants for college students accounting for 20% of the total. We will utilize the state educational loans to ensure that no students admitted to the university will be deprived of education because of poverty. Third, we will raise the fiscal allocation standard on public funds per student for all forms of schools at all levels with 300 yuan for the primary school and 500 yuan for junior high school. For the ordinary high school and secondary vocational school, it will be raised appropriately, and for schools of higher learning, 600 yuan will be added by comparison to the last year. We will increase input to boarding schools for left-behind students receiving compulsory education in North and Central Jiangsu. Within this year, all debts of the rural compulsory education will be dissolved, and effective measures will be implemented to help solve the debt issue in schools of higher learning. Fourth, we will improve the medical insurance system for urban and rural residents and deal with the basic medical insurance problems for workers from difficult enterprise and residents with financial difficulties. We will improve the medical insurance policy for college students. The minimum standard of individual contribution for the new-type of rural cooperative medical system will be increase from 50 yuan per person to 100 yuan per person, among which 80 yuan from the government grants; meanwhile, subsidies for urban residents in poverty –stricken areas will be raised. Fifth, we will enhance service capabilities of medical and health care institutions. This year, 275 million yuan of government spending will be used to build 300 health clinics in towns and townships and 3,000 village clinics, and we will install basic equipments for 200 community health service centers and improve the infrastructure of 80 community health service centers. We will make great efforts to improve qualities of community health personnel and encourage medical and health personnel in rural areas and graduate students with the medicine major to work in clinics in towns and township in economically weak areas and relevant subsidies will be issued by the Provincial Financial Department. Sixth, we will improve the level of old-age pension. We will continue to raise the basic pension for retirees of enterprises and take the solid step to implement the pilot program on personal accounts. Much attention will be given to achieve the inter-regional transfer of basic old-age pension for migrant workers and people in flexible employment. We will expand the pilot program for the new-type rural old-age pension system and comprehensively carry forward the construction of new-type rural old-age insurance system in the regions of South Jiangsu where conditions permit. We will accelerate the construction of model old-age care institutions in municipalities and counties through building social welfare institutions for the aged, houses as well as rehabilitation centers for the elderly. Rural residents enjoying the five guarantees provided with collective living facilities will be kept 65% with the standard of less than 2,400 yuan per person per year, and those the standard of those who are given decentralized support will be less than 1,800 yuan. Seventh, we will guarantee the basic needs of urban and rural residents. The growth mechanism of basic cost of living allowances will be refined with an increase for urban residents of over 330 yuan per person per month in South Jiangsu and over 270 yuan in Central Jiangsu and more than 200 yuan in North Jiangsu and an increase for rural residents of over 210 yuan, 140 yuan, 110 yuan respectively. We will implement the temporary life assistance system. For families with financial difficulties whose per capital income is higher than the local basic cost of living allowances yet 2 times less than it and those who suffer the serious disease or natural disaster, temporary life assistance will be provided by the government. Eighth, we will intensify housing security. 12,000 low-rent houses and more than 40,000 economically affordable houses will be built this year. We will keep the housing price stable strive to enable families enjoying basic cost of living allowances live in the low-rent houses and low-income families live in the economically affordable houses and people who have just got the job have the ability to pay the rent. Ninth, we will implement the rural drinking water safety project. 2,000 million yuan of government spending will be used to address the drinking water safety issue for 12 million rural residents within three years from this year. Tenth, we will deal with the transportation problem. Priority will be given to develop bus services. The public transportation system covering urban and rural areas will be built with large-capacity buses as the main body. We will implement the rural road construction and make rural scheduled buses available. 8,000-kilometer rural roads open to traffic will be built, and 1,200 large and medium-sized highway bridges will be rehabilitated, and 130 passenger transport terminals in rural areas will be established. With unremitting efforts, we will ensure that people enjoy their rights to education, employment, medical and age care and housing. As a result, people will have a better life year after year.

        9. Improving social management and safeguarding social harmony and stability. We will refine community management system, improve the level of social management, stimulate creativity and build a harmonious social environment. By doing so, people could live and work with contentment in a peaceful and stable society.

        We will intensify our efforts to build up a “safe Jiangsu” and a “law-based Jiangsu” with emphasis on following and refining the community-level democracy, making village and business affairs more transparent and developing urban and rural communities. We will promote the wage negotiation system in enterprises, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of employees. Big mechanism on letters of petition will be improved to broaden the channel for the expression of public opinion. We attach importance to construction of social organizations and strengthen service and management for floating population. We will launch the special campaign for enduring quality of products and food and drug safety. We will intensify the supervision on work safety, effectively preventing extraordinarily serious accidents and guaranteeing the safety of people’s lives and property. The emergency response mechanism will be refined, and the work of disaster relief as well as disaster prevention and mitigation will be done. We will enhance the comprehensive treatment of social security, safeguard public order, resolve social problems and infrastructure building and establish the risk assessment mechanism for social stability. We will be on high alert for and crack down on criminal offenses in accordance with the law in order to enhance people’s sense of security. we will attach importance to national defense education, improve the reserve unit and militia building. The government and the people should support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs, and the army should support the government and cherish the people so as to promote socialist cultural and ethical progress. We will practically follow the special care and placement system.

        We will strive to keep the overall level of prices stable. We will effectively implement the system of provincial governors taking responsibility for the "rice bag" (grain supply) program and city mayors taking responsibility for the "vegetable basket" (non-grain food supply) program. We will implement measures to ensure food supply and keep the price stable. The reserve system will be refined to ensure the necessities of life including food, meat and cooking oil. We will develop the price monitoring, early warning and emergency systems, intensify market surveillance and standardize the price order. We will punish price offense in accordance with the law and prevent prices from rising too fast. Price support measure will be refined, and CPI for low-income residents will be compiled. We will promptly issue the price subsidies in full, increase the subsidies for people with financial difficulties and the dining halls in colleges and universities, and ensure that the basic living standard of poor people will not be affected by the rising price.

        Fellow Deputies, we will constantly strengthen the government’s self-improvement and energetically promote innovation in government administrations. First, we will transform the government functions and comprehensively fulfill the functions of the government. We will uphold the principle of separating the functions of government from those of enterprises, institutions and market intermediary organizations. We will reduce the direct intervention for micro-economy to create a sound development environment. We will attach greater importance to perform the functions of social management and public services and improve the government’s ability of providing public services. Second, we will make government affairs more transparent and ensure rights are exercised in the sunshine. We will develop the government decision-making mechanism, promote e-government administration and make the government information more open to the public. We will be fully devoted to solving the problems with great care and concern to the people to ensure that people have the right to know, participate in and give opinions and supervision on the work of government. By doing so, the government will win the public trust because of its more transparency. Third, we will perform government duties in accordance with the law, so that government behaviors will become more standard. We will reduce the number of items requiring administrative approval, and the rights exercise and duty performance will be in accordance with legitimate rights and procedures. We will standardize law enforcement behaviors to establish a law-based government. Our work will be under the legal supervision of the Provincial People’s Congress and its Standing Committee, the democratic supervision of CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee. We will pay much attention to the judicial supervision, supervision through auditing and enhance the administrative supervision, giving full play to the supervision from the news media and the general public. Fourth, we will strengthen efforts to promote clean government to set up a sound government image. We will keep in close contact with the people, exercise the power in the interest of the people, listening to the voice of the people, reflecting honestly hopes of the people and having people’s well-being at heart. We will do more practical work which is conducive to people’s interests and lay a solid foundation for long-term development. We will energetically carry forward the realistic and pragmatic spirit to cut down the number of meetings and documents and ensure the quality of them and to visit communities to better understand and deal with the problems troubling the people. We will resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy and constantly create achievements which could afford the test of the practice, people and history. We will carry forward the spirit of hard work and plain living, build a conservation-minded government and oppose extravagance and waste. We will promote clean government and combat corruption and strictly implement the responsibility system on clean government construction. Shameful practices in government departments, trades and professions will be rectified, activities violating the law and discipline will be investigated and punished, and corrupt people will be punished in accordance with the law. We will enhance the education, management and supervision for public servants to build a quality public servant group which is firming politically, skillful and highly disciplined.

        Fellow Deputies, we have embarked on a new journey with inspiring goals. Under the leadership of CPC Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, we will hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of Three Represents as the guidance and fully apply the Scientific Outlook on Development. Under the leadership of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, we will work diligently in unity to make Jiangsu the first in China to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and with higher level, striving to build a better Jiangsu.



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