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2004 Report on the Work of the Government
updated on:2004-03-26 14:02

I Main achievements and tasks accomplished in 2003

In the year 2003, under the leadership by CPC Provincial Committee, Jiangsu people held on to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents”, comprehensively implemented the spirit of 16th CPC National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, seriously executed crucial decisions made by the Party’s Central Committee and the State Council, of one mind and fighting our way, overcame the sudden attack of SARS and flood, and thereby obtained notable achievements in opening-up and modernization construction.

--Continuous and rapid growth of national economy. Key economic indicators were the best since 1997. Total output value realized was RMB 1,245.18 billion, up 13.5% from previous year; per capita output value surpassed USD 2,000, one step upward.

--Further enhanced local financial power. Local general budgetary revenue was RMB 79.8 billion, up 27.8%; total financial revenue was RMB 196.89 billion, up 23.1%.

--New breakthrough realized for opening-up economy. Total volume of foreign trade was USD 113.67 billion, up 61.7%, including USD 59.14 billion of export, up 53.7%. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was USD 15.8 billion, increased by 52.4%.

--Over-fulfilled employment target. 760,000 jobs were created in cities/towns and registered unemployment rate in cities/towns was 4.1%, 0.4 percent lower than anticipated target.

--Steadily increased income for residents. Per capita disposable income for urban residents was RMB 9,262 and that for rural residents was RMB 4,239, up 13.2% and 6.1%, respectively. Per capita savings by residents surpassed RMB 10,000.

Last year was the first year for this tenure of government to fulfill our duties and unexpected difficulties as well as austere trial were encountered, so the achievements were hard-won. Closely targeted at “Two Firsts” and focused on “development, enrichment and innovation”, the provincial government mainly completed the following tasks:

(I) Do our best to combat SARS and flood

Confronted with the challenge of SARS, people’s health and life was put on the top priority and controlling arrangement was quickly made in accordance with the requirement of “calmly coping, decisive measures, depending on science, effective control, strengthening cooperation and perfecting mechanism”. Highly effective organizational and commanding system was established, strict work responsibility system was practices and mass prevention and mass control network was created to realize mobilization of the whole province and epidemic prevention of all people. SARS sufferers and suspicious patients were treated free of chare, free physical examination was provided for those returned from epidemic-stricken area and at the same time construction of public health system was strengthened, RMB 1.31 billion of special-purpose funds were spent on epidemic prevention province wide. SARS controlling was carried out powerfully, orderly and effectively and the objective that SARS would not widely spread in Jiangsu was realized.

Last year the most serious flood since 1954 occurred in Huaihe River Basin, neighboring regions around Hongze Lake and Lixiahe region was encountered with the most serious inland inundation since 1991. Faced with tremendous disaster, significant victory was won in flood combating and disaster relief through emergency action, careful deployment, scientific dispatching and close defending, production was quickly restored in disaster areas, and victims of the disaster were properly settled.

At the hard times of epidemic disease and disaster, cadres at various levels stood out for commanding, the whole province pulled together, armed forces stationed in Jiangsu provided full support and all social circles helped each other, forming the anti-SARS spirit of “respecting science, striving with obstinacy, all the people of one mind and ambitious for victory”, which has become the power and treasure inciting people of the province to accelerate the realization of “two firsts”. The ability of the government of various levels and leading cadres in coping with emergencies and complex situation was obviously enhanced.

(II) Focus on accelerating economic development.

Equal attention was given to epidemic prevention and disaster combating and economic construction by considering the situation and giving overall consideration. More efforts were given to adjusting agricultural structure, accelerating the transfer of rural labor force and increasing peasants’ income so that rural economy would be under steady development even in a disastrous year. The driving effect of high-tech industry on economic growth was increased, prominent issues in industrial operation were resolved with care, and value added for industries of large scale was increased by 22.7%. Supportive policies were adopted for service sector which has been significantly influenced by SARS and RMB 3.32 billion of taxes were exempted to restore the growth in this sector. The driving effect of investment and consumption on economic growth was enhanced, investment in fixed assets was RMB 533.58 billion, up 38.6%; total volume of social consumables retailed was RMB 356.65 billion, up 13.7%, the largest increase in recent years. Encouraging policies were formulated to promote the rapid development of opening-up economy. Contracted FDIs were USD 30.81 billion and 37 projects surpassing USD 100 million were added. Foreign economic and technological cooperation was under steady development.

Economic structure and industrial layout was actively adjusted. New round of development along the Yangtze River was comprehensively advanced, overall planning as well as policies and measures for development along the river were set down, and substantial progression in infrastructure development, cross-river interlocked development and development of crucial industries was achieved. Focused on IT industry, construction of a high-tech industrial belt along Hu-Ning Expressway was accelerated. Relying on Xuzhou as a traffic hinge and Lianyungang as a port city, construction of industrial belt along eastern Longhai Railway was advanced. Urbanization was accelerated and urbanization rate reached 46.8%, up 2.1% over previous year.
More supports were given to Northern Jiangsu. Industrial, financial, technological and labor force transfer was accelerated, collaboration between Southern Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu was continuously promoted, and seven policies regarding industrialization, infrastructure construction, development and opening-up of Northern Jiangsu etc. were newly set down. In the year financial support of provincial level given to Northern Jiangsu was RMB 20.3 billion, among which RMB 5.83 billion was transfer payment and special-purpose fund. Per capita total output value for the five cities in Northern Jiangsu surpassed USD 1,000, realizing the objective as stipulated in the “10th five-year project” 2 years in advance, and their ability for self development was notably enhanced.

Construction of key projects was advanced energetically. 301km of expressways were newly built, the total mileage open to traffic surpassed 2,000km, and the density ranked No.1 in China. The expansion of Hu-Ning Expressway and construction of Run-Yang Bridge, Su-Tong Bridge and the Third Nanjing Bridge went on smoothly. Pavement of Ning-Qi Railway was completed ahead of schedule. Newly added installed power capacity was 1.49 million KW and installed capacity of power project under construction was 20.82 million KW. Huaihe River entrance waterway to the sea for flood discharge was completed ahead of schedule. Pipeline works for Jiangsu section of the “gas transfer from west to east” project were finished. A batch of social undertaking projects such as Nanjing Olympic Sports Center etc. were under rapid construction.

(III) Deepen various reforms actively and orderly.

Reform-based development was continued and system/mechanism innovation was advanced. Strategic adjustment of state-owned economy was accelerated and reform of state-owned enterprises (SOE) was continuously deepened. State-owned assets (SOA) administrative authority of provincial level was established. System reform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) was basically completed and reform of large-scale enterprises was actively advanced. The stress was on cultivating large enterprises and large groups, enterprises with business income surpassing RMB 10 billion reached 22, increased by 9 over previous year. Reform of public institutions was advanced and system transformation for application-aimed research organizations of provincial level was basically finished.

Development of private economy was accelerated. Newly added private enterprises were 93,000 and the total number reached 344,000; newly added registered capital was RMB 146.18 billion and total registered capital reached RMB 363.26 billion. Value added provided by private and individual economy accounted for 30.5% of the value added realized in Jiangsu.
Policies on taxation reform in rural areas were adjusted and perfected. Tax on agricultural products was abolished and direct subsidy to grain planters was tried. Financial authority of provincial level increased transfer payment to ensure normal running of village-level organization. Burden on farmers was further reduced and per capita taxes on farmers were lowered by 13.4% over previous year.

With reform of administrative approval system as the breakthrough point, change of governmental functions was promoted and separation of the government from enterprises, public institutions and capital was advanced. In the second round of reform of administrative approval system 227 approval items of provincial level were cancelled, reduced by 67.6%. Rules of procedures and decision-making process for provincial government were perfected, democratic and scientific decision-making was promoted, administration by law was continued and administrative supervision was strengthened.

(IV) Employ all available means to improve people’s living standard.

Enrichment was still put on an outstanding position. An environment to encourage people to start business was actively created and approaches for income increase were widely provided. Employment was taken as the first priority for people’s livelihood and polices for promoting employment were formulated and implemented to provide more jobs. In the year 1.44 million jobs were provided in cities/towns; rural areas sent out 720,000 laborers and outflow of labor force contributed 50% of farmers’ income.

The five deeds, namely, water reform in rural areas, rebuilding of thatched cottage, construction of rural roads, new system of cooperative medical care and reducing the burden on farmers, were comprehensively implemented to improve production and living conditions for rural areas. Newly added beneficiary population thanks to water reform was 3.44 million, houses built for purpose of disaster relief and thatched cottages rebuilt were 82,000, the mileage of newly added rural roads open to traffic was 6,320km, while new system of cooperative medical care which was based on unified planning of serious illness was tried in 10 counties (cities/districts), covering 85% of the population.

The social security system was further sophisticated. Coverage of endowment, medical and unemployment insurance was expanded and funds for social security were financed from various channels. Financial authority of provincial, city and county level spent RMB 15.1 billion on social security, increased by 29%. Basic pension for those retired and basic living expenses for those unemployed was provided in time and in full amount and the assurance of minimum living standard for 330,000 poorest residents was basically realized.

Serious attention was paid to resolving actual difficulties for the unemployed and the poor in rural areas and cities alike. Financial authority of various levels spent RMB 5.02 billion on improving the living standard of those in difficulties, up 25.8%. The lowest wage standard for employees was improved and their income was increased.

(V) Strive to advance harmonized economic and social development.

Through the struggle against SARS, we held new understanding of scientific development view and paid more attention to uniformly planned economic and social development. The strategy of science- and education-based provincial development was deeply implemented, construction of new system for technological innovation which was based on enterprises and construction of innovation bases which were centered on high-tech park areas and software parks was energetically advanced, and ability in technological innovation was further improved. Administrative system of compulsory education in rural areas which was based on counties was comprehensively implemented and more input was made to the education in rural areas to consolidate and improve basic education. On the basis that wage for teachers of middle/elementary schools in rural areas was regularly paid and rebuilding of dilapidated houses in such schools was basically completed, financial transfer payment was increased to realize layout adjustment of middle/elementary schools and to provide running expenses. Higher education and vocational education was energetically developed, the number of ordinary universities and colleges was 105, with 913,000 students, and students in various vocational schools were 1.25 million, ranked No.1 in China in all of these aspects. Construction of talent team was strengthened. Construction of a culturally-influential province was continued and advanced. Reform of cultural system was deepened to speed up development of the cultural undertaking and cultural industry. New achievements were made in news and press, broadcasting, film and TV, art and literature and philosophical social sciences. Centered on improving the level of medial care in rural areas, development of health undertaking was quickened and the opinion on planning of public health system construction and strengthening health administration in rural areas was set down. The 6th National Game for the Disabled was successful undertaken and preparation for the 10th National Game was actively advanced. Administration of population, resource and environment was improved, new progression was made in the construction of a ecological province, and 1.808 million Mu of woods were afforested; newly added National Model Cities for Environment Protection were 4, National Sanitary Cities were 6, and National Landscape Garden Cities were 5, making the total numbers in these three aspects account for 1/3, 1/4 and 1/8 of national ones. Works concerning foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs and Taiwan affairs were reinforced. Undertakings such as women, children, teenagers, the aged and the disabled etc. were continuously developed.

In the year just passed, the government at various levels seriously implemented the important thought of “three represents”, continuously taken development as the first priority, put enrichment on an outstanding position, regarded innovation as the fundamental power, toppled old idols, got explorative and aggressive, and comprehensively advanced the construction of “three civilizations”. Construction of spiritual civilization was strengthened in real meaning and grassroot-based appraisal activities such as civilized industry, civilized village/township and civilized unit etc. were actively conducted. Continuous attention was given to “supporting the military”, mobilization for national defense, militia and reserve duty and civil air defense etc. High attention was given to the construction of democracy and legal system to improve the level of administration by law. Construction of clean government and struggle against corruption was strengthened, ethos correction and special treatment was performed, and new progression was achieved in the construction of political ethos. Order of market-oriented economy was further rectified and regulated. Good work was done in aspects like supervision, auditing, statistics and letters and complaints from the people etc. Works in ethical affairs and religious affairs were strengthened. Great efforts were given to advancing the construction of a safe Jiangsu, new achievement was obtained in the aspect of maintaining public order in a comprehensive way, and the situation for safety in production was stable in general.

II Main working objectives of Jiangsu provincial government in 2004

This year is an important year for deepening reform, expanding opening-up and promoting development and is also a critical year for completing the “10th five-year project”. Taking domestic and overseas situation into overall consideration, our province is in a crucial period of strategic opportunities. Global economy and trade is under increase, industrial reorganization is being accelerated, and international manufacturing is shifting to Yangtze River Delta. Our country’s economy is under new round of growth, system environment is obviously improved, and interior power is continuously enhanced. Economic structure of our province is continuously optimized, comprehensive strength is further enhanced, and the foundation supporting rapid economic development is sound. Nevertheless, world economy also has uncertain factors and many urgent problems and conflicts will be encountered during the process of development. We must stay clear-headed, enhance the vigor, seize the opportunities for development and innovation and keep our nose to the grindstone to realize working objectives step by step.

In this year overall working requirement of the government is that: guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “three represents”, fully implement the spirit of 16th CPC National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, establish a scientific development view, meet the requirement of “five overall-planning”, centered on the target of “two firsts”, further emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity, continuously taking development as the theme, enrichment as the core, opening-up as the power and structural adjustment as the main line, significantly enhance the quality and benefit of economic growth, energetically develop social undertakings, strengthen the construction of socialism spiritual civilization, democracy and legal system, and promote the lasting, rapid and coordinated development of national economy and comprehensive advancement of the society.

Main anticipated objectives for social and economic development are that: total out value of the province is increased by over 10%; local budgetary revenue is increased by 12%; increase of price in consumption by residents is controlled within 2% or so; export and foreign trade is increased by 12%; disposable income of urban residents is increased by 8% and per capita net income of farmers is increased by 6% or so; registered unemployment rate in cities is controlled within 4.5% or so.

As pointed out by Liang Baohua, to realize working objectives in this year, we must be practical, hold the overall situation, give prominence to the key points and obtain notable progression in four aspects: first, realize new breakthrough in opening-up. Comprehensively deepen the reform, focus on obtaining new breakthrough in aspects such as reform of SOEs, development of private economy, reform of public institutions and change of governmental functions etc., and enhance the vigor for development by system innovation. Try all means to expand export and foreign trade, maintain the increase in utilizing foreign capital, accelerate implementing the strategy of “go global”, and strive to improve the level of internationalization in economic development.

Second, obtain new progression in structural adjustment. Significantly improve the level of industrialized operation of agriculture and economic development in rural areas, increase the proportion of high-tech industry, enhance the ability for autonomous innovation, increase the proportion of service sector and promote the optimization of economic structure and the enhancement of overall competitiveness. Comprehensively advance the development along the River and the construction of an industrial belt along Longhai Railway, accelerate the process of industrialization in northern and central Jiangsu, actively promote industrial upgrading in southern Jiangsu and obtain notable progression in the construction of modern manufacturing bases.

Third, obtain new achievement in accelerating enrichment. Generate favorable environment encouraging people to start business independently, gradually form a regular mechanism for income growth, and continuously increase the income of both urban and rural residents. Further lessen the burden on farmers and provide the five useful services to rural areas. Comprehensively strengthen the administration of employment and reemployment, sophisticate social security system, and adequately solve the issue of basic living essentials for people in difficulties.

Fourth, make new strides in balanced development. Stick to developing the province based on science and technology and strengthening the province based on talents, make more efforts in the reform of and the input to social undertakings, the support to economically weak regions and the protection of resource and environment protection, further accelerate the process of urbanization, and strive to promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

III Main working tasks in 2004

1. Comprehensively develop agriculture and rural economy and try all means to increase the income of farmers.

Continuously take the issues of “agriculture, farmer and rural area” as the most important in overall arrangement, further strengthen, support and protect agriculture, prosper rural economy and increase the income of farmers.

Pay high attention to protecting the comprehensive ability in grain production. Ensure population grain is self-supplied within the province, while grains used for feedstuff and industrial purpose depend on market adjustment. Practice the most severe system for farmland protection, forbid unapproved occupation and misuse of farmland, and keep basic farmlands under well protection in real meaning. Provide more policy support for grain production and focal support is given to key producing areas of grain. Establish stable cooperative relation between producing areas and distributing areas of grain, implement local plan for grain stock and strengthen the administration and control of grain market to ensure grain safety.

Continuously advance the structural adjustment for agriculture and rural economy. Energetically develop high quality, highly efficient, ecological and safe agriculture, optimize regional layout, and comprehensively the quality and safety of agricultural products. Actively advance the industrialized operation of agriculture and support a batch of key backbone enterprises to get larger and stronger. Construct export-oriented production bases and expand export of advantageous agricultural products. Strengthen the prevention and treatment of serious diseases such as bird flu etc. Accelerate the development of secondary industry and tertiary industry in rural areas and widen channels of income increase for farmers. Expand labor force transfer in rural areas, strengthen training for employment, reinforce balanced development between southern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu, optimize service administration, and ensure newly added rural laborers exported surpasses 500,000 and finally reaches 700,000. Provide guidance and support for special cooperative economic organizations and industrial associations in rural areas so as to improve the level of regularization for farmers to enter the market.

Implement the guideline of “giving more, taking less and authorizing more” to provide more support to “agriculture, farmer and rural area” in real meaning. First, the government at various levels shall make more input to “agriculture, farmer and rural area”. According to financial budget of the province, newly added input to “agriculture, farmer and rural area” will be RMB 1.52 billion, investment to key projects for water conservancy of the province will be increased to RMB 4.5 billion, and the investment for comprehensive development of agriculture will be RMB 1.1 billion. Allot certain proportion of the funds from assignment of state-owned lands to support agriculture and guarantee basic living standard for farmers losing their farmland. Second, reduce the rate of agricultural tax from 7% to 5% to lessen the burden on farmers and exemption from agricultural tax can be practiced in developed regions such as Southern Jiangsu etc. The burden on farmers of the province is to be lessened by RMB 1.09 billion and the taxation loss incurred in Northern Jiangsu will be subsidized by financial authority of the province. Third, support the production of grain. Allot 40% of the grain risk fund to expand direct subsidies for farmers to grow grain. RMB 50 million of special-purpose funds are appropriated to act as seed subsidies for rice production. Fourth, increase input to the training of labor force in rural areas. Expenses from provincial financial authority on the training of labor force in rural areas are increased to RMB 40 million. Fifth, continue with the five deeds for rural areas. Rebuild and construct 13,000km of roads in rural areas; fully promote new cooperative medical care in rural areas with an aim to cover 60% of the population and provide medical assistance to poor farmers; newly added beneficiary population from water reform in rural areas will be 3.2 million; rebuild 41,000 thatched cottages in danger. Put more efforts in poverty alleviation and increase financial guarantee for petty loan in this regard to RMB 100 million. Accelerate the development of social undertakings in rural areas and financial authority of provincial level will increase the financial input to undertakings of education, health and culture etc., mainly used in rural areas.

Further deepen the reform in rural areas. Guarantee farmers’ rights relating to land contracting and regulate the circulation of right for land contracting and management. Reform the system of compulsory land acquisition, strictly control the scope and scale of compulsory land acquisition, improve the standard of compensation for compulsory land acquisition, and fully promote the system of ensuring basic living standard for farmers losing farmland. Continuously advance taxation reform in rural areas, abolish the practice of unpaid labor and service in rural areas and regulate fund- and labor-raising on a case-by-case basis to ensure the burden on farmers will be obviously reduced. Deepen the reform of township organizations and ensure the normal operation of village organizations. Accelerate the advance of science and technology in agriculture and advance reforming the system for promotion of agricultural science and technology in townships. Establish and perfect rural community-run service system.

2. Seize the opportunity to deepen reform and create new advantages in systems and regimes

This year is the year in which the reform will be further advanced. The reform in various aspects shall be fully advanced, prominent conflicts and problems shall be settled through reform and significant progression shall be achieved in terms of regime innovation, mechanism innovation and system innovation.

Deepen the reform of SOEs. Stick to the practice that “the superior will win and develop, while the inferior will be eliminated and discarded”, accelerate strategic adjustment of state-owned economy and strategic reorganization of SOEs, and promote reasonable floatation of state-owned capital. Energetically develop an economy with mixed shareholders such as state-owned capital, collectively-owned capital and non public-owned capital etc. to realize diversified investment entities and to make joint stock system the main form for realizing public ownership. While advancing the adjustment of existing enterprises, actively introduce strategic investors or cooperative partners, develop the enterprises newly added, revitalize those existed, and enhance their strength. In accordance with the requirement of “magnifying advantages, reinforcing key points, releasing the ordinary and enhancing vitality”, adjust the layout and structure of provincial SOEs, put more efforts in assets reorganization, and make enterprises get larger and stronger. For enterprises whose ownership has been reformed, further optimize the structure of their stock ownership, perfect the structure of governance by corporate legal persons, and accelerate the construction of modern enterprise system. While reforming the ownership of enterprises, stick to regulated operation, openness and transparency to ensure SOAs will not be lost in the circulation and employees’ lawful benefits will be maintained. Perfect the system of SOA management and supervision and further implement the responsibilities for SOA management.

Comprehensively advance the reform of public institutions. Based on the principle of public institutions being separated from the government, they shall be classified and separately administered and reformed. For public institutions of administrative nature, accelerate the cleanup, grouping, simplification and regulation of them and redefine their administrative functions, the expenses will be provided by financial authority and the practice of supporting outlay with charging and basing maintenance on fine is strictly forbidden. For public institutions of social benefit nature, adjust layout structure, optimize resource allocation, increase governmental input and improve service level. For public institutions of production and operation nature, following the objectives of getting market-directed, socialized and industrialized, basically complete ownership reform within the year and enhance their vigor for development. Advance the reform of staffing system and distribution system in public institutions. The government will increase input in aspects such as compulsory education, advance of science and technology, public health and basic medical service and cultural undertaking for public benefit etc. In sectors where limitation is unnecessary, introduce the mechanism of market competition, absorb diversified investment and advance the development of social undertakings by reliance on social forces.

Accelerate the reform of administrative system. Actively and steadily reform organizations of the provincial government. Seriously implement Administrative License Law, further reduce the number of issues subject to administrative approval, advance the separation of the government from enterprises, public institutions and capital, and accelerate the change of governmental functions. Improve approaches for economic adjustment and market supervision and base economic control mainly on economic and legal means to create favorable development environment for market subjects. Further improve the functions for social administration and perfect the effective mechanism for handling contradictions among the people and social contradictions under new situation, the mechanism for maintaining public order in a comprehensive way and the mechanism for administration of urban and rural communities. Strengthen the administration of social affairs and maintain social justness, social order and social stability. Accelerate the construction of public infrastructure and improve public service system. Establish and perfect prewarning and emergency mechanism and improve the government’s ability in coping with emergencies.

Actively advance other reforms. Establish and perfect the mechanism for encouraging revenue increase and expenditure reduction and strengthen taxation administration pursuant to law. Strengthen the functions of public finance, optimize the structure of financial expenditures, eliminate unnecessary expenses and ensure the demand for key outlays. Continuously deepen the practice of “separated revenue and expenditure”, the administration of departmental budget and the reform of concentrated payment from national treasury etc. and improve the mechanism for supervision of budget enforcement. Advance the “sunshine project” concerning the revenue for public institutions of provincial level and realize transparent and regulated revenue as soon as possible. Deepen the reform of financial, investment and financing system and enhance the financial support to economic development. Integrate local financial resource, continue with the experimental reform of rural credit cooperatives, and actively and steadily establish rural commercial banks and cooperative banks. Advance the construction of public credit system to create favorable environment for economic development.

3. Boldly develop private economy and provide support for people to start business.

Continuously following the requirement of being assured and bold in terms of thought, permissive and relaxed in terms of work and softened and flexible in terms of policy, advance the development of private economy faster and better.

Create a dense atmosphere encouraging the populace to start business, to innovate and to be distinguished. Encourage talents in various fields to start business autonomously and fully activate the enthusiasm of various parties in starting business. Seriously implement policies and measures on the development of private economy, further ease restrictions in aspects such as registered capital, proportion of sci-tech shares and name registration etc. and provide private enterprises with policy treatment same to other enterprises in terms of taxation, investment and financing, land usage and foreign trade etc. to realize fair competition. Widen accessible areas and all others except for those definitely forbidden by laws and regulations are accessible for private capital; private capital is encouraged to enter all areas that are open to outsiders as committed by the government; select a batch of for-profit, government-invested projects with satisfactory economic benefit to open to private enterprises. Energetically develop sci-tech, export-oriented and large-scale private enterprises and encourage those capable private enterprises to get stronger and larger. Support private capital to participate in ownership reform and reorganization of state-owned and collectively-owned enterprises and to establish joint venture and cooperate with FIEs so as to improve managerial and engineering level and to enhance international competitive capacity. 

Provide high quality and highly efficient service for the development of private economy. Adopt forceful measures to rectify indiscriminate charges and unjustified fines and financial levies and focus on solving problems such as financing, guarantee and formalities for enterprises. Improve credit service and support capable private enterprises to raise capital by going public. Further sophisticate the system of credit guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Actively introduce external private capital and attract headquarters of private enterprises to settle in our province. Protect lawful rights and interests of private enterprises’ investors, managers and employees and guide private economy for health development.

4. Adjust and optimize economic structure and fully improve comprehensive competitiveness.

Continuously take structural adjustment as main line, advance the process of new industrialization, and improve the quality and benefit of economic growth. 

Accelerate the development of modern manufacturing. Stick to driving industrialization with informatization and energetically advance the construction of international manufacturing base which is based on high-tech industry, supported by advantageous industries and matched with modern logistics. Along Hu-Ning Expressway and centered on information industry, energetically develop high-tech industry, further improve the ability in autonomous R&D and support, and enhance core competitiveness and radiating/driving force. Along Yangtze River and centered on fundamental industries, develop the four industries of equipment manufacturing, chemical engineering, metallurgy and logistics, drive the development of hinterland with development along the River, and accelerate the construction of manufacturing corridor. Take informatization as the backbone and promote the integration and interaction between industrial development along Hu-Ning Expressway and along the River. Be quick in constructing industrial belt along eastern Longhai Railway and accelerate forming the four industries of resource processing, machinery, chemical engineering and medicine. Make continuous efforts to the development and planning of coastal economic belt and take full advantage of location and resource to accelerate the development of coastal regions. Strengthen the guidance on planning of industrial development to prevent low-level competitive construction. Actively utilize high and new, advanced and appropriate technology to reconstruct traditional industries. Continuously implement the strategy of large enterprises and large groups to cultivate a range of large-scale backbone enterprises with strong competitive ability and obvious driving force.

Energetically develop service industry. Further increase the proportion of service industry in national economy and the proportion of employees in this industry as of all employees in the society. Actively develop production service industry and accelerate the construction of comprehensive logistical parks and dedicated logistical centers to establish modern logistical network. Energetically develop emerging service industry and actively promote chained operation and E-commerce. Accelerate the development of information service industry, tourist industry and community service industry. Develop regulated and orderly services such as lawyer, auditing, accounting and consultancy etc. Strengthen the construction of market system, develop the market of various production factors, and strengthen their functions in servicing production and living.
Promote the upgrading of consumption structure. Continuously cultivate consumption hotspots such as housing, automobile, tourism, information service and non compulsory education etc., drive the consumption by residents, and increase the total amount of social consumables retailed by 12%. Bring the gathering effect of central business district in cities into full play and promote the joint development of commodity consumption, service consumption and culture consumption. Pay more attention to developing rural market and increase the proportion of rural consumption in overall consumption. Implement policies and measures encouraging consumption and actively develop consumption credit to promote the consumption by personal credit and expand instant consumption. Continuously rectify and regulate the order of market economy, deepen the implementation of “project of safe foods and drugs”, strengthen market supervision, and make consumption safer and more convenient for residents in both urban and rural areas. 

Adjust and optimize investment structure. Increase the investment in fixed assets by 12%. Continuously strengthen the construction of infrastructure. Comprehensively implement Phase One engineering of the eastern section of “water transfer from south to north” project and advance new round of Huaihe River treatment engineering. Accelerate the ongoing construction of 1,600km expressways, ensure Ning-Hang, Riverside and Tong-Qi expressways will be open to traffic in full line, and newly build 400km expressways. Accelerate the construction of Run-Yang Bridge, Su-Tong Bridge and the Third Nanjing Bridge as well as the expansion of Hu-Ning Expressway. Complete the reconstruction of Xin-Chang Railway, Xin-Huai section and ensure Xin-Chang Railway and Ning-Qi Railway be open to traffic in full line. Accelerate the construction of the 100,000-tonnage deep channel and wharf in Lianyungang and expand the port’s throughput capacity. Make serious efforts in the integration and construction of port resources along Yangtze River downstream Nanjing and waste no time in the construction of Taicang Port, Phase Two engineering. Accelerate the construction of power projects including Tianwan Nuclear Power Station etc., increase installed power capacity by 4.18 million KW and build 690km of transmission line to alleviate power shortage. Bring functions of Nanjing Lukou Airport into better play and open new international flight lines to meet the needs of economic and social development. 

5. Further open door to the outside world and improve the level of economic internationalization

Firmly seize the great opportunities offered by reorganization of production factors internationally and industrial transfer and take full advantage of the two markets and two resources to participate in international competition and cooperation in a larger scope, wider domain and higher level.
Strive to improve the utilization of foreign capital. Put more efforts in inviting investors and introducing investment and strive to increase foreign capital actually utilized by 12% over previous year. First, combine the utilization of foreign capital with the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, introduce more backbone and sci-tech projects of base nature, introduce R&D centers and marketing centers of multinationals and accelerate the construction of modern manufacturing bases. Second, combine inviting investors and introducing investment with inviting talents and introducing intelligence and actively introduce internationally leading technology, modern managerial experience and high-level talents. Third, combine the utilization of foreign capital in manufacturing industry with that in service industry and strive to make new progression in utilizing foreign capital by service industry. Take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the closer economic and trading relationship established between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao to strengthen the cooperation between Jiangsu and Hong Kong and Macao. Seriously summarize and promote the experience from Suzhou Industrial Park, advance mechanism innovation in various development zones, optimize the environment, enhance the functions, reinforce characteristics, improve the level of construction and management, and increase investment intensity and industrial concentration.

Promote lasting increase in foreign trade. Continuously implement the strategy of diversifying the market, winning through high quality and basing trade on science and technology, optimize the lineup of export commodities, increase the export of high-tech products, and energetically develop technology trade and service trade. Bring the functions of tariff free zones and export processing zones into full play and promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade. Deepen the reform of foreign trade system, facilitate the change of export and foreign trade from purchase system to agency system, cultivate a range of foreign-trade enterprise groups with large export scale, strong competitive capacity and satisfactory economic benefit, and support productive enterprises and private enterprises to expand export. Seriously implement policies on the reform of export rebates. Actively advance the construction of “one-stop customs clearance”. Continuously cope with problems in the transitional period after accession to WTO and make use of advantages and avoid disadvantages while opening up wider to the outside world.

Speed up the tempo of “going global”. Encourage enterprises with certain strengthen and comparative advantage to invest and develop overseas and establish resource base, production base, R&D organization and marketing system and strive to incubate large corporations and famous brands with international competitive capacity. Strengthen the guidance and service for overseas investment. Actively expand overseas labor service and improve the operation and administration of foreign contracted projects and cooperation of labor service.

6. Uniformly plan regional economic development and continuously accelerate the process of urbanization.

Bring the leading and driving function of Southern Jiangsu in modernization construction into full play, accelerate the process of industrialization in Central and Northern Jiangsu, improve the level of urbanization, and form a new situation of advantage complementation and joint development.
Continuously advance regional joint development. Seize the opportunities offered by fundamentally improved infrastructure to energetically advance the process of industrialization and urbanization in Northern Jiangsu. Expand opening up to the other parts of the country and to the outside world, actively utilize foreign and private capital, cultivate and develop leading industries, and enhance the ability of self development. Comprehensively implement policies on supporting the development of Northern Jiangsu, continuously implement the transfer of industry, finance, science and technology and labor force, put more efforts in financial transfer payment and technological support and further improve the environment for development. Perfect the mechanism of interaction and collaboration between Southern and Northern Jiangsu, encourage the gradient industrial transfer from Southern Jiangsu to Northern Jiangsu and the investment by enterprises of Southern Jiangsu to Northern Jiangsu, and promote the ordely transfer of labor force from Northern Jiangsu to Southern Jiangsu. Take full advantage of the opportunities offered by new round of development along the River to promote the rapid development of Central Jiangsu and its inclusion into the economic plate of Southern Jiangsu as soon as possible. Support the leading development of Southern Jiangsu, accelerate structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and focus on improving international competitive capacity. Voluntarily participate in and actively promote the process of economic integration in Yangtze River Delta which takes Shanghai as backbone. Expand inter-provincial exchange and cooperation, strengthen geared support, and actively participate in Development of Western China.

Deepen the implementation of urbanization strategy. Accelerate the development of central cities and activate their radiating and driving effect on regional economy. Strengthen the construction of county seats and central towns to form reasonable spatial distribution of county seats and towns. Consolidate the achievement in adjustment of administrative division, continuously settle the issue that city and county are seated in the same town, and continue with the subsequent efforts for merging towns into townships. Improve the level of urban planning, construction and administration and enrich the contents of urban culture. Ease the accession to urban public utility and infrastructure construction and promote the participation by various investment entities in the construction. Stick to the joint advancement of and interaction between urbanization and industrialization and the mutual coordination between industrial planning and urban planning and guide industries to be concentrated in parks, population to be concentrated in cities/towns and inhabitation to be concentrated in communities to promote the co-prosperity of both urban and rural areas.

7. Strengthen the efforts in employment and social security and strive to improve people’s living standard.

Take enrichment as the core element in comprehensive construction of a well-off society and increase the income of urban and rural residents through varied channels to secure more benefits for the mass in the process of reform and development. 

Put more efforts in the aspect of employment and reemployment. Implement positive employment policy, strive to provide more jobs and strictly control the rate of unemployment. Cultivate new points of growth for employment, develop employment posts, expand employment domains, and bring the important role of private economy on employment expansion into full play. Seriously implement policies such as tax reduction and exemption, petty loan on security, separation of primary SOEs from auxiliary SOEs, subsidy for social insurance and subsidy for posts of public benefit etc., strengthen employment assistance to the unemployed and laid-off in cities and people in difficulties, and guide the unemployed and laid-off to seek autonomous job, flexible employment and starting business independently. Provide uniformly planned employment guidance and service for college/university graduates and ex-servicemen. Perfect the market of labor force and provide skill and employment training of various forms. Guarantee lawful rights and interests of laborers in real meaning. 

Strive to increase the income of urban and rural residents. Encourage people to get richer by starting business and to increase operating income, property income and other lawful incomes. Establish and perfect a mechanism for income growth which corresponds with economic development so that the income for employees of enterprises will be increased as benefits of the enterprises are increased, the income for employees of public institutions will be increased as local financial power is increased and basic pension for the retired will be increased as the income for those in active service is increased. Execute stipulations on minimum wage pursuant to law and strictly forbid wage payment in arrears to employees and peasant-workers. Increase the construction of comfortable housing and establish the system of low-rent housing for low-income families. Pay more attention to people with low income, perfect the system of social assistance, help resolve the issue of living essentials for families in extremely poverty, and provide living relief to disaster victims.

Further perfect the system of social security. Ensure basic pension for those retired will be provided in time and in full amount and complete the combination of basic living essentials for the unemployed in SOEs with unemployment insurance. Promote employees of township enterprises to participate in social insurance and advance the collection of insurance premium in various enterprises pursuant to law. Perfect the system of medical security at multiple levels and expand the coverage of medical insurance. Perfect the system of socialized administration and service for the retired. Make continuous efforts in the work of minimum living guarantee for urban residents and ensure all those who shall be guaranteed are guaranteed. Ensure basic living standard for rural household enjoying the five guarantees and gradually establish the system of minimum living guarantee in rural areas.

8. Deeply implement the strategy of science- and education-based provincial development and accelerate the construction of talent highland.

Stick to taking science- and education-based provincial development as the primary strategy and promote the close combination of education and sci-tech with economy and society to enhance Jiangsu’s comprehensive advantages in economic and social development. 

Continuously put education on the first priority for development. Deepen the reform of educational system, advance educational innovation, and magnify the effect of high quality educational resource. Further perfect the administrative system of rural compulsory education which is centered on counties, accelerate adjusting the distribution of middle and elementary schools in rural areas, improve schooling conditions, and consolidate and enhance the level of basic education. Accelerate the popularization of high school education and continuously advance the generalization of higher education. Strengthen infrastructure construction in colleges and universities and the construction of disciplinary and faculty team and focus on improving the quality of education. Energetically develop vocational education and various technical trainings. In this year RMB 450 million more educational expenses are appropriated in the financial budget of provincial level, up 14.4% over previous year. Actively advance the diversification of investing entities to non compulsory education and promote the advantage complementation and joint development of public and private schools. Accelerate establishing the system of modern national education and the system of lifetime education and strive to construct a learning society. 

Reinforce the supportive role of technological innovation on economic and social development. Deepen the reform of technological system, accelerate constructing regional system of technological innovation, facilitate the close combination between production, science and research, enhance enterprises’ ability in autonomous innovation and promote the conversion of technological and talent advantage into actual productivity. Based on new- and high-tech development zones and new- and high-tech enterprises and centered on industries such as electronic information, bioengineering, medicine and chemical engineering etc., implement a batch of industrial brainstorm projects with core competitiveness to occupy the key position for technological innovation. On the basis that technological outlay is increased by 14.8%, the provincial financial authority additionally appropriates RMB 300 million to act as special-purpose funds which support the conversion of scientific and technological results. Further widen investment channels and perfect the mechanism for risk investment in science and technology. Strengthen the protection of IPR. Construct world class public platform for technical service, perfect the system for sci-tech service, and enhance the ability in continuous innovation of science and technology.

Seriously implement the strategy of basing provincial development on talents. Focused on the three points of training, attracting and making good use of talents, strengthen the construction of talent resource. Concentrate on constructing the team of high-level talents and badly needed talents and actively introduce talents who have studied abroad and overseas high-level talents. Deepen the reform of personnel system and establish an effective mechanism and favorable environment which encourages the excellent to stand out and the talented to show their talent.

9. Accelerate the development of social undertakings and enhance the capacity for sustainable development.

Uniformly plan economic and social development, make more efforts in the reform of and the input to social undertakings, and establish the system for development of social undertakings which is centered on promoting people’s comprehensive development.

Make more input to social undertakings. While advancing the construction of educational and key technological projects, concentrate on constructing a batch of key projects for pubic benefit, including projects such as prevention and treatment system for emergent public health events, Phase One engineering of the disaster prevention and reduction information system, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center and facilities for the 10th National Game, expansion of People’s Hospital of Jiangsu, new Nanjing Library, new Jiangsu Art Museum, Phase Two reconstruction of Nanjing Museum, Jiangsu Historical and Cultural Center of Science and Technology, the provincial house for the elderly and Jiangsu Theater etc. Among these key projects, some are continued projects, some are to be started in this year, and some are to be prepared for early works. Construction of such projects is a critical measure to improve the infrastructure for social undertakings of our province.

Advance the construction of a culturally-influential province. Deepen the reform of cultural system and promote the joint development of culture undertaking and culture industry. Increase input to cultural undertaking of public benefit nature, strengthen the construction of cultural facilities for the base level, and support key groups in culture industry to get larger and stronger. Elaborately organize the production of cultural products to create more cultural and art masterpieces. Accelerate the development of undertakings such as news and press, broadcasting and film/TV and culture and art etc. to make them important position for propagating advanced culture. Do good job in protection of historical relics and cultural heritage. Stick to paying same attention to social science and natural science and actively develop philosophical social science.
Accelerate developing the undertaking of medical care and health. Perfect the system for prevention and control of serious diseases, the system of medical treatment for emergent public health events, the system of information network for serious epidemic situation and the system of supervision for sanitary law enforcement and seriously implement measures for prevention and treatment of severe communicable diseases such as SARS etc. RMB 410 million more medical expenses are appropriated in the financial budget of provincial level. Strengthen medical and health work and improve basic sanitary condition in rural areas. Extensively perform patriotic health campaign and improve urban and rural sanitary environment. Continue with reforming the system of medical care insurance, the system of medical care and health and the system of medicine production and circulation. Optimize the allocation of medical and sanitary resource in cities, establish regional medical groups and improve the quality and level of medical service. 

Actively advance the construction of a strong province in terms of sports. Elaborately prepare for the 10th National Game and strive to complete the rebuilding and construction of athletic facilities. Taking the chance of hosting the 10th National Game, advance the body-building campaign for all the people, improve the level of athletic sports, and promote the development of sports industry.
Hold on to the road of sustainable development. Implement program guideline for construction of an ecological province and strengthen the construction of key ecological projects and the establishment of ecological model zones; actively conduct tree planting and afforestation and accelerate the construction of Green Jiangsu. Focus on comprehensive treatment of water environment in key basins, put more efforts in treatment of environmental pollution, and improve the working level of environment protection. Save land, water and electricity and reasonably develop, intensively utilize and protect various natural resources. Do good job in disaster prevention and relief. Strengthen population work and improve population quality. Improve family planning service, stabilize low birth rate, and control natural growth rate of population within 4‰.

10. Strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization, democracy and legal system and advance the coordinated development of “three civilizations”.

Pay equal attention to socialism material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization to promote comprehensive advancement of the society. 

Profoundly carry out activities relating to learn Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents” and fully implement various tasks relating to the construction of spiritual civilization to provide strong spiritual power for realizing “Two Firsts”. For the purpose of improving citizen quality and promoting people’s comprehensive development, strengthen thought and moral construction in real meaning. Centered on promoting national spirit and strengthening good faith construction, reinforce the construction of social morality, professional ethics and family virtue. Profoundly carry out grassroot-based appraisal activities such as civilized city, civilized village/township and civilized industry etc. to improve the decree of civilization in urban and rural areas. Strengthen the propaganda on scientific popularization and promote scientific spirit. Strengthen the education on national defense and do good job in construction of militia and reserve service. Profoundly carry out activities relating to support the military, seriously implement policies in this regard, and consolidate and develop the solidarity between the military and the government as well as between the military and the civilian. Care for and support undertakings such as women, children, the elderly, the disabled and Red Cross etc. Strengthen national and religious work. Make continuous efforts in foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, Taiwan affairs and consultant etc.

Strengthen the construction of democracy and legal system. Strictly enforce national laws and local regulations formulated by Provincial People’s Congress and its standing committee as well as its decisions made. Support People’s Political Consultative Conference to fulfill its duties and strengthen the contact with democratic parties, associations of industry and commerce, people’s organizations and all circles. Elaborately organize the 7th Reelection of Village Party Committee and gradually promote the direct selection of Urban Residents’ Committee. Profoundly conduct legal education to enhance citizens’ sense of legal system. Strengthen construction of legal system for the government and improve the government’s ability in legislation, law enforcement and supervision of law enforcement. Strengthen administrative supervision, gravely investigate and prosecute cases in violation of discipline or law and solve problems in aspects such as educational charges, medicine purchase and sale, compulsory land acquisition in rural areas and relocation of urban residents etc. to maintain people’s lawful rights and interests.

Correctly handle the relationship between reform, development and stability and get the intensity of reform, the tempo of development and the degree of social acceptability unified. Do good job in aspects such as people’s letters, complaints and medication etc. to correctly handle contradictions among the people under new situation. Profoundly advance the construction of safe Jiangsu, strengthen the maintenance of public order in a comprehensive way, punish various criminal activities pursuant to law, and strive to maintain social stability. Strengthen the management of public safety in urban and rural areas and pay high attention to safety in production to prevent extraordinarily serious accident from occurring.

Strive to improve working level of the government. Strengthening construction of the government itself is an important guarantee for fulfilling tasks in this year. We shall energetically promote the spirit and ethos of dealing with concrete matters relating to work and according to the requirement of keeping “uncorrupted, hardworking, practical and highly efficient”, improve the work by the government and strive to construct by-law government, responsible government and servicing government.

Advance the innovation of administration by the government. Insist on being human-oriented, establish and implement scientific development view and further change concepts, functions and style to better service the development, the grass root and the mass. Innovate in management style to form an administrative system with regulated behavior, coordinated operation, impartial and transparent, uncorrupted and highly efficient. Comprehensively fulfill governmental functions and truly solve the issues of overdoing, misdoing and inaction by the government. While improving economic adjustment and market supervision, pay more attention to fulfilling the government’s functions of social administration public service so as to create favorable development environment for market subjects and social environment for people to live and work in peace and contentment. Seriously settle prominent contradictions in economic and social development and focus on settling prominent issues the people reflect most intensely to protect, guide and bring the enthusiasm of various parties into play. Energetically promote transparent government affairs and develop electronic government affairs to reduce administrative cost, improve administrative efficiency and provide the people with open, transparent and highly efficient public service.

Improve the level of administration by law. Enhance legal sense of pubic officials, execute power and fulfill duty according to legal authority and procedure, and handle economic and social affairs pursuant to law. Accelerate the establishment of a law enforcement system with clear authority and responsibility, regulated behavior, effective supervision and forceful guarantee and manage to realize strict, impartial and civilized law enforcement. Strengthen the supervision of administrative power, regulate and restrict administrative power according to the principle of closely related power and responsibility and thoroughly separated power and interest, manage to realize power is accompanied by responsibility, execution of power is supervised, infringement is compensated and illegality is investigated, and regulate administrative behavior with legal system.

Enhance the ability in scientific decision-making. Fully promote democracy, be good at gathering people’s wisdom, and realize democratic and scientific decision-making. Perfect the system of collective decision-making for crucial issues, the system of expert consultation and the system of public announcement and hearing, and improve the transparency in making decision and the participation by the populace. Investigate and research based on facts, implement various decisions with practical spirit, manage to inherit and promote tried-and-true good tradition, good experience and good approach and at the same time stick to reform and innovation and advancing with time, combine the central government’s decisions with Jiangsu’s actual conditions, combine long-term targets with ongoing work, combine the enthusiasm for accelerated development with the attitude of being scientific and practical and combine being responsible to higher authority with being responsible to the people, so as to advance all undertakings step by step.

Strengthen the construction of the government’s working style. Stick to the tenet of “government for the people”, establish correct view on political achievement, and implement the requirement of dealing with concrete matters relating to all works done by the government. Concentrate on development and focus on implementation. Stick to telling the truth, stressing actions, dealing with concrete matters and seeking practical results instead of pursuing after formalism, eyewash, reclame or “project for political achievement” which wastes money and manpower, work hard, service the people heart and soul, and manage to realize power is executed for the people, attention is paid to the people and benefit is obtained for the people. Stick to mass view and mass line and base the evaluation of governmental efforts on whether the grass root and the people are satisfied. Bear “Two Musts” firmly in mind, stick to maintaining a clean and strict government, and profoundly advance the work of objecting to corruption and promoting cleanness. Consciously accept the legal supervision by Provincial People’s Congress and its standing committee, the democratic supervision by Political Consultative Conference, the supervision of public opinion by the press and the supervision by the people. And finally, according to the requirement of “for the people, practical and incorruptible”, construct a civil servant team who are politically unshakable, vocationally proficient, clean-handed and with excellent working style.

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